Wednesday, December 6

Walmart presents virtual dressing room for its customers | Digital Trends Spanish

the retailer Walmart He wants to focus fully on the sale of clothing and for that he launched a virtual fitting room in the United States using technology from Zeekit, a startup he acquired to digitize his catalog.

Walmart’s newest feature, “Be Your Own Model,” uses algorithms and machine learning technology that were originally used to develop more accurate topographic maps. Shoppers can use it to virtually try on more than 270,000 Walmart private label items, select items from national brands like Champion, Levi’s and Hanes and some sold on their third-party marketplace.

Customers can choose any of the options, using their own image or a model that is similar. With the custom tool, the website uses a scan of a person’s body to provide a more realistic idea of ​​what a fabric looks like, a color, or where a sleeve or fold hits, without walking into a store.

So far, he said, Walmart has seen a surge of the first version of its virtual fitting tool, “Choose My Model.” He declined to say the conversion rate for purchases, but said it’s higher for online shoppers who use the tool compared to those who don’t.

“We’re doubling down on consumer insights,” he said.

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