Friday, July 1

Walmart’s Deals for Days sale features big discounts on TVs from Sony, Vizio, and more

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This is a perfect time for bargain hunters to find a deal on a big-ticket TV with Amazon Prime Day 2021 sparking a range of competing events from other big retailers, including Walmart’s Deals for Days. There’s no need for a subscription to snag one of Walmart’s deals and you could save yourself a serious chunk of change on a new set from brands like Sony, TCL, Vizio, and Hisense.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top TV deals you can get right now at Walmart, with displays ranging in size from 32 inches to 85 inches. For more TV discounts, check out the best Prime Day 2021 TV deals at Amazon.

Best Prime Day 2021 Walmart TV deals

Discounts on the best 4K TVs tend to be scarce as retailers use events to clear their stock of cheaper panels and older technology, but you can find some of the best cheap TVs for even less than usual. There are also some deals on large panels from big names like Sony, but sadly the best OLED TVs are cheaper elsewhere.

This massive 85-inch

TV is more than just big — it also offers some of the best and brightest picture quality on the market. We’ve seen this model dip down to $2,400 on Amazon in the past, but this $2,500 price at Walmart is still an incredible deal for a display this large and feature-packed.

How to shop for a TV

Picking the right television for your needs can be difficult. When it comes to budget-friendly displays, you can find HDTVs for as low as $100 in smaller screen sizes. On the high end, premium 65-inch 4K TVs can cost $1,500 or more . Flagship 8K TVs can even sell for over $10,000.

Buyers who prioritize picture quality will want to go for a 4K TV with at least a 65-inch screen. The best 4K TVs feature an OLED panel or an advanced LED screen with a feature called local dimming. These technologies enable the best contrast, deepest black levels, and brightest images for gorgeous high dynamic range (HDR) picture.

Though companies use different terms to describe their flagship models, in general, shoppers who focus on picture quality should look for TVs branded as OLED, QLED, Neo QLED, Quantum, NanoCell, and QNED.

People who just want a simple TV for casual viewing, however, will be better off with a smaller display using an affordable LED screen without advanced image features. Though picture quality won’t be as good as more expensive TVs, there is plenty of solid budget LED TVs, including affordable sets that include 4K resolution and reliable smart TV streaming.

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