Wednesday, August 4

Warcraft creator studio sued for sexual harassment | Digital Trends Spanish

The state of California, through the Department of Housing and Fair Employment, has filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard and Blizzard Entertainment, the companies behind games like Call of Duty, Overwatch Y World of Warcraft. The reason for the lawsuit is due to the study’s work culture, which allows constant sexual abuse and harassment against the company’s female employees.

Specifically, the lawsuit is directed at what happened within Blizzard Entertainment, the studio that created Warcraft, StarCraft and the most recent Overwatch. And this is based on testimonies of employees and former employees, who accuse that the study is basically managed like a university house for men, in which they tend to have inappropriate behaviors with their colleagues.

Among other details, these employees reveal that within the company sexual harassment occurs frequently, without the bosses doing anything about it because the human resources managers turn out to be friends or close to the harassers. “Male employees play video games during work hours, brag about their sexual encounters, speak openly about women’s bodies and make numerous jokes regarding rape,” the official document states.

The lawsuit also singles out a former director of World of Warcraft, accused of improper actions and harassment against his subordinates, to the point that some “had to intervene to keep him away from the victims.”

In addition to the above, Blizzard is accused of discriminating against female employees on issues such as promotions, as some managers “did not want to risk promoting a woman because she could get pregnant,” according to the lawsuit.

Despite all the above, Activision fights back saying that what the lawsuit reveals is no longer a reflection of the current culture of the company. The official statement says that they have been collaborating with the investigation, which began several years ago, and that they have made “significant changes” for the well-being and diversity of employees. These changes include the implementation of a department specifically dedicated to dealing with these types of issues.

Activision also adds that they are going to show in court that the lawsuit presents unjustified or inaccurate facts and that these types of situations are what “are causing many companies to leave California.”

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