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Warioware review: Get it together !, pure fun

“The games in the Warioware series have always been about sheer dexterity and focus, and Get it together! I couldn’t reinforce those conditions any more ”


  • Wide variety of mini-games

  • Lots of replayability


  • Do you need so many characters?

Warioware: Get it together! it enjoys the grace of its predecessors, as it is still a game capable of entertaining you for a couple of seconds, but also giving you a game session that can be extended for a couple of hours. That is probably enough argument for the game to be part of your collection of must-sees for the Nintendo Switch. However, there must be many players who will take in Warioware: Get it together! their first game in the series, so it’s worth saying what to expect.

Three seconds of fun

Think of a minigame with an extremely simple task, as a part of Super Mario Bros. in which the objective is to break a block of bricks. Simple, right? Well, that is roughly the tone of the game. Likewise, part of the grace of the Warioware series is that the tutorials are practically non-existent (although in this one there are jiribilla), so you have literally about two seconds to understand what to do and about two more to execute it. Some minigames are clearer than others, so there will be cases where you will understand what to do until you play it a couple of times. It can be read strange and confusing, but part of the fun of the series Warioware It is because the minigames are so simple that you know how to play them by mere “gamer’s intuition”.

Warioware Gameplay: Get it together!
Several minigames take up classic Nintendo games.

That formula worked with 10 games, so for the eleventh of the series Nintendo chose to renew the gameplay and integrate the characters of the series Warioware in each minigame. There are a total of 20, including classics like Mona or Jimmy, and each has a particular way of playing, for example, Wario flies and tackles, Mona flies and throws a boomerang, and 5-Volt moves left to right over skateboard and throw a yoyo up.

The variety of play styles of each character makes each one more suitable for certain minigames, and also makes you have favorite characters. In the story mode you will have to play with everyone, but once you finish it you have access to all of them and you can repeat the minigames with the characters you want to see how far you can go.

Now, does the addition of these characters improve the gameplay of Warioware: Get it together!? From my point of view, they do not make the series more fun and, perhaps because of the typical resistance to change, I still think that this would have continued better without characters.

Likewise, just because they don’t seem to me to favorably influence how much fun the game could be doesn’t mean they get in the way or feel like an element forced into it. In each game session you choose a team of five characters, and before each minigame you know who participates and you have about two seconds to move it, and let’s say, be ready for the game.

The games in the series Warioware have always been of sheer dexterity and focus, and Get it together! I couldn’t reinforce those conditions any more, because now, in addition to having in mind what to do, you have to know how to do it with that character.

Warioware Gameplay: Get it together!
Up to four players can play simultaneously.

In the end, and I think it will be the case of those who play Get it together!, you end up with a shortlist of favorite characters. I, out of sheer laziness, choose the top five, although when playing the story mode I decided that they were chosen randomly in order to play with the majority. In short, I would not play with 9-Volt (the mother of 5-Volt), and by pure ancestry gamer I’d say my favorite character is Cricket, just because he moves freely and jumps like he’s Mario.

Same, Warioware: Get it together! has minigames that fit the classic definition of the series. They are enjoyable, but I wish there were more options for a player. My favorite is High Head because, well, I’m a basic guy. I will always have in my heart the paper plane of the Warioware for Game Boy Advance.

Head up

Warioware Gameplay: Get it together!
Do you want to measure your dexterity? Then play the Wario Cup.

Warioware: Get it together! complies. If you are a fan of the series, I have no doubt that you will like this one. If this is your first game in the series, take a look at the demo, as it will give you a good idea of ​​what to expect. If the game makes you smile when you slap the cat on its paw or when you put out the fire with the urine from the statue of the little angel, then surely Get it together! It should be in your Switch collection.

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