Wednesday, August 10

Warning: Watch out for fake emails claiming to be from Martin Lewis as more than 300 reported in one week

Action Fraud-the national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime-issued the initial warning on its Twitter channel today (8 December) after receiving a “significant uplift” in reports about emails purporting to be from Martin.

The email, which has also been flagged by several (MSE) readers, is titled, “We are in a crisis: Follow this revolutionary way to survive financially”. It then encourages readers to follow links and suggests people can get access to financial advice from Martin, to help them save money.

But this email is fake, and the links in it lead to so-called’phishing’ websites designed to trick you into revealing your personal and financial details. If you receive this email, do not follow the links and instead report it to the National Cyber ​​Security Centre. You can do so by emailing [email protected]

Be aware that MSE won’t send out emails except our weekly newsletter or those you’d get if you’re signed up to one of our services. We will never, ever, EVER cold-call. We’re a consumer help website , here to fight your corner. We will never send anyone to call you or knock on your door. Beware of all of them.

If you’re unsure, go directly to the MSE site-we always put the content there-and see our Stop Scams guide for tips on how to protect yourself and your cash and for information on what to do if you think you’ve been caught out by a scam.

What the FAKE email says in full

The box below details what the fake email says in full, with some annotation from MSE in square brackets. You’ll notice some spelling and grammatical mistakes, which is a telltale sign it’s been sent by fraudsters: