Sunday, April 2

Watch 20 minutes of Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay | Digital Trends Spanish

PlayStation showed a gameplay of approximately 20 minutes of the video game Ghostwire: Tokyo, one of the great exclusives for the PS5 that will arrive in the spring of this year.

The video game, a first-person action title with a paranormal theme, puts players in the role of Akito, a citizen who survives a strange event that makes the entire population of Tokyo disappear, and ends up being replaced by paranormal creatures. which the protagonist can eliminate using supernatural powers.

Although it is an action game, the psychological horror theme will make Ghostwire: Tokyo feel like a tense experience. The video game is developed by Tango Gameworks, a studio that worked on the series The Evil Within, which was produced by famed designer Shinji Mikami, the mastermind behind the first Resident Evil games.

The developers described their vision of the city as a terrifying recreation of the “real Tokyo”, so if you are a fan of this Japanese metropolis, Ghostwire: Tokyo will have significant graphic appeal. In fact, the study highlighted that the game will show off the next-generation graphics features of the PS5, including ray tracing, native 4K graphics and animations at 60 frames per second.

The release date of Ghostwire: Tokyo is March 25, 2022. Players who purchase the game on digital pre-order will get three days early access. The game will be a temporary exclusive on consoles, so after a year it could reach Xbox consoles.

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