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Watch a modder transform a Mac Mini into a Nintendo Wii | Digital Trends Spanish

Popular YouTuber Luke Miani has managed to fit the guts of a macmini with Apple M1 in one nintendo wii which can, among other things, play at 4K. Miani wondered what it would be like to fit the power and capability of the proven Mac Mini M1 into a more unique case, say a modest Nintendo Wii.

in your projectproceeded to disassemble a Mac Mini, basically keeping the logic board, while modifying (or creating new) components as needed.

One of the biggest hurdles was the power supply unit (PSU). According to the video, he borrowed Snazzy Labs’ solution of using a charger Microsoft Surface to provide enough power to your PSU amalgamation, but keeping the Wii’s power outlet. To avoid throttling issues, Miani installed a smaller 12V fan to complement the heat sinks.

Fitting all the mods into the Wii shell required a lot of hacking plus some 3D printed mounting plates and brackets. All that said, the end result is pretty impressive. The system boots and appears to be working properly. Even the working I/O ports are nicely hidden under a flap. The YouTuber mentions that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections weren’t as good as he’d like, because only two out of three antenna bands made it into the build (the last one was still located on the bottom plate of the Mac Mini). His solution was to use an antenna from the Wii that had the same necessary connection.

We can’t help but be impressed with Miani’s creativity here. Building it not only has the capability of a 4K-pushing Mac Mini M1, but pairs it with one of the most iconic gaming console cases in history.

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