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Watch the heartfelt Power Rangers tribute to Jason David Frank | Digital Trends Spanish

Pesar still exists among fanatics of power Rangers for the death at the age of 49 of Jason David Frank, actor who played Tommy.

His legacy as a character carried on throughout the franchise, continuing to lead the Rangers as the Red Ranger from Zeo Y Turboand then the Black Ranger from dino thunderall of which and more appear in the tribute, including their recent appearances in anniversary episodes of the franchise.

Hasbro shared a tribute, after releasing a short statement over the weekend in light of Frank’s death. “The entire Ranger Nation is deeply saddened by the loss of Jason David Frank,” the statement read in part. “JDF brought countless smiles to fans over the years and will be greatly missed.”

Ranger Nation, we mourn together. Today, we celebrate the heart, strength, and raw talent that Jason David Frank brought to Power Rangers as Tommy Oliver. He was truly a legend among us and we will miss him. May the Power protect him, always.

— POWER⚡️RANGERS (@PowerRangers) November 22, 2022

A good tribute for all those who grew up with the Power Rangers and with Tommy as one of their favorite characters.

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