Wednesday, September 27

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s “How to Build a Sex Room” | Digital Trends Spanish

the bet of Netflix for reality television is still very high and now they have decided to take a new step towards more adult themes with the program “How to build a sex room”which delves into the erotic fantasies of people in their homes.

The show follows designer Melanie Rose, who tries to convince homeowners what would be more daring to transform a living room into a true temple of pleasure.

Rose has been designing luxury homes for over 15 years, she explains in the trailer. When asked by a client if she had ever designed a sex room, she thought, “Why not?” Thus she began the adventure of creating luxurious, romantic (and sometimes perverted) spaces for couples. The reality series will follow Rose, her contractor Mike and several couples as Rose makes her sexy inner dreams come true.

How To Build a Sex Room As its title says in English, it will be released on July 2 on Netflix.

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