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Watch the trailer Super Pumped, a series that will tell the story of Uber | Digital Trends Spanish

The story of Uber, one of Silicon Valley’s most beloved unicorns, will be told in Super pumped, series produced by the television channel Showtime and that will star the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays the former CEO and founder of the company Travis Kalanick.

This is the first trailer for the production presented by Showtime:

The series will have different seasons and each one will tell stories from the business world. What happened with Uber and Travis Kalanick will be the plot of the first of them.

Uber, a company that although it denies the title of being a taxi platform, is known for, precisely, having caused a disruption in this sector of urban mobility.

The story behind that break will be told in Super Pumped, series that in turn is based on the book Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, written by The New York Times reporter Mike Isaac.

The Showtime production, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Angels in the outfield, Beethoven Y 10 things I hate about you), will focus its plot on Kalanick’s disputes with several Uber executives to achieve the expansion of a company that is currently active – not without controversy – in more than 85 countries, and that beyond having revolutionized the way they operate taxis, caused a schism in the world of work with the call uberization of work, which is nothing more than offering jobs without job benefits on demand.

Super pumped It will premiere on Showtime on February 27, 2022.

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