Thursday, December 1

Waze will have its version of Qatar 2022: advance to glory | Digital Trends Spanish

Waze is giving drivers around the world a way to get closer to the football action and represent your favorite team and country.

With voice navigation inspired by the styles of soccer commentators from around the world, every turn, hazard and exit will feel like high-stakes action on the pitch. You’ll hear things like “Take the first exit. Then go on to glory!” and “Hazard reported in advance. Overcoming that defense could be difficult. In Brazil, we even voiced the experience of Luva de Pedreiro, a fan favorite and the most followed soccer commentator on social media in the country.

Take a ride in the Automoball, a car equipped for the best football fans. And don’t forget to share your national pride with a frame of mind that represents your favorite country as they go through the tournament rounds.

“Rate our football experience by playing “My Waze” and “Drive with Luva de Pedreiro” for our Brazilian users, or “Drive with a commentator” for the rest of the world. Or you can use our links to access the experience Luvaand our commentator experience (in English, French and Spanish) », says the application.

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