Friday, June 9

WDH/If the hospital situation is stable: Bremen’s Bovenschulte calls for a relaxation debate

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BREMEN (dpa-AFX) – Bremen’s mayor Andreas Bovenschulte has shown himself open to a debate about easing corona restrictions. With a stable situation in the intensive care units, among other things, one cannot ignore a perspective debate, said the SPD politician on Monday morning on Deutschlandfunk. Points of discussion could be the 2G regulation in retail and the utilization of football stadiums.

For the retail trade, Bremen’s mayor considers a nationwide mandatory mask requirement instead of the 2G regulation to be conceivable. 2G states that only vaccinated or recovered people are allowed to enter the corresponding interior rooms. “And we have to come to a regulation that is as uniform as possible when it comes to major events,” said Bovenschulte, referring to the sport.

Despite the further increase in the number of corona infections, the calls for a concept for lifting restrictions had recently become louder. Leading FDP and CSU politicians, among others, expressed their views accordingly. They justified this with the previously less severe course of the disease in the omicron wave.

Bovenschulte said that one can and must think about openings, especially if the situation in the intensive care units remains stable and if the normal beds show that “there are also people with Corona and not just because of Corona”. According to Bovenschulte, around a third of the corona infected people in Bremen’s hospitals are currently in normal wards because of the infection in the hospital. In the other cases, the reason for admission was not Corona. The situation in the intensive care units is relaxing./xma/DP/eas