Friday, May 20

We answer questions about Acerinox, Banco Santander or Colonial

We answer questions from our readers with Javier Alfayate, from GPM Sociedad de Valores.

We start by looking at Iberpapel. According to the expert, it would not be a value to look at and recommends others such as Miquel y Costas or Reno de Medici. As to whether it might be better to look at MERLIN Properties or Catalana Occidente, the analyst explains that MerlĂ­n is stable right now, but regarding Catalana Occidente he points out that there are others that can do better, such as Mapfre.

We are also looking at other firms, such as Lleidanetworks, which, according to Javier Alfayate, is currently in a downward trend.

They also ask us about Acerinox, a stock that has been doing well but has begun to correct ground.

On Inmobiliaria Colonial, we also see that it is in a downward trend.

And as for IBEX 35 banks, they ask us about Banco Santander; Javier Alfayate explains that there are others that can do better, such as BBVA or Bankinter.