Thursday, December 7

We are lost?

I would like to create two new spaces for reflection in the list of international days and weeks. Together with the day of wetlands and the celebration of manned flights, I propose to introduce a couple of anniversaries focused on extolling why I am on the left or why I am on the right. A kind of didactic act of reflection. Ideas and management, promises and results. Meditating once a year on what I believe, who I believe in, doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.

Politics is becoming frivolous to unsustainable points and has already entered very frustrating terrain for those who defend constructive debate. Nothing objective matters, no proposal is valued rigorously, only the destruction of social networks is taken into account; the anathemas that come out of the mouths of those who proclaim themselves specialists in anything; and the destruction of an occurrence disguised as a media headline. We are all guilty. We have all allowed instincts to corner reason. We should carefully weigh the reasons why we give our trust to some and deny it to others.

What is the reason why, allow me an example, I vote in Madrid for a conservative party or a progressive one? Let’s be honest. Do I do it in response to a doctrinal sympathy that proposes me to develop a specific model of coexistence or do I do it as a gregarious automatism that drags me there where they tell me there is grass? Let’s think about it, one and the other. Let’s do it without insulting intelligence. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let us once and for all reject the reflex action of the immediate stimulus. Let us develop the content of the proposals that we defend. Not acknowledging mistakes means that we don’t care about the truth, it means that we only care about ourselves. That is the freedom of the “little straw”.

Is Martínez Almeida’s PP doing well?

I represent the PSOE and I assume that the right-wing voters are not going to give me their confidence. I understand that we speak different languages; but why do they continue to support people who plunder what is public, people who, being able to help others, do not? That’s the big question (now is when my twitter is full of insults, you’ll see, I’m risking a beer). What have Martínez Almeida and his team done for Madrid? Let’s look for data, contrast that data. It is not worth getting drunk with the anti-Sánchez slogans that do not materially help our city, it is not worth exalting oneself as a legion against the barbarians of the posh rojerío. What has Martínez Almeida done neighborhood by neighborhood, district by district, during these years in Cibeles? Has it been enough? Has it been useful? Are they going to forgive him for giving away six million euros? I sincerely believe that these answers would be resolved if a sincere ideological introspective were done. Did they vote for Martínez Almeida for this? If the answer is yes or if the answer is “I don’t care as long as things go well for me”, we are lost. One another. We are lost.