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We ask for justice for Magno, the brutally mistreated puppy in Mieres

The emergency call from a woman alerted the Local Police of Mieres, in Asturias, on Wednesday, July 13: a puppy had suffered a brutal beating at the hands of a man, known in the neighborhood for his violent profile. The agents warned the workers of the municipal shelter, warning them that what awaited them was especially hard and unpleasant.

The staff of the ‘Albergue Tono Ambrosio’ center is used to rescuing animals in difficult situations, but the cruelty of what they found made their blood run cold. A puppy of approximately 7 kg and about four months dying in full sun at the Santa Cruz stop, in Mieres. His assailant, according to witnesses, had given him a brutal beating and had left him lying there to die.

“It is not the first time that we have collected animals from the train tracks,” Marta Cueva, Vice President of the Living World Associationan NGO to which custody of the animal has been handed over, “many of us were able to save them, but we will never know how many have not been so lucky.”

Magno, which is how they have baptized the little one, has been one of the “lucky ones”. Someone did their duty to report and was found in time. The municipal shelter worker urgently transferred him to Oviedo, to the Mundo Vivo veterinary clinic, in a dramatic journey in which she thought that the little one would not make it.

A few days after his aggression, the puppy with the name of a conqueror has come out of his coma and begins to try to walk on his own, although his prognosis is still very serious “because of the strong blows received throughout his body.” Magno has already lost one eye and part of the vision in the other and has a brain injury that prevents him from maintaining his balance and coordination. But this great little puppy, who still has his milk teeth, also has a great desire to live.

An alleged assailant known for his violent profile

As a result of the publication of Magno’s case on social networks, calls have already been received from witnesses who claim to know the aggressor and say that “it is not the first time he has savagely attacked other animals, also having a history of gender-based violence.”

The investigation is underway and the security forces and bodies are carrying out their work. This phase of investigation is especially delicate, since any evidence or testimony that may be provided, no matter how small, will mean that there is or is not a conviction. Therefore, from these pages, we ask that anyone who has information that could be related to the case send it to the Mieres Police.

From Mundo Vivo they also announce that they will appear as an accusation, with the hope of getting a prison sentence and disqualification from keeping animals for the person responsible for this brutal crime. As we have seen in similar cases, the accusation, both private and popular, is vital for these processes of animal abuse to move forward.

What ordeal will Magno have lived until that day when they tried to kill him? What have the other animals lived through -many, as sources close to the case indicate- that have fallen into the hands of that individual? What violence will the people who cross their path be suffering?

Violence against animals is already a crime in itself in our country, and should have the sentence it deserves, but, in addition, we know that it usually occurs in a much broader context of criminality, of interpersonal violence, especially against women, and illegal acts of all kinds.

Magno could be the tip of the iceberg that uncovers once and for all a much deeper problem. We trust that the legal machinery will not leave any of the victims behind and that justice will be done. “You have to report, always”, says Marta Cueva, “it is the only way to put an end to this scourge and to obtain forceful complaints. These types of acts cannot continue to come out for free.”

“Magno is wonderful,” he adds, “apart from the physical damage, he has great emotional trauma, but we will be here to put him back together, which is what he needs.”

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