Monday, February 26

We can announce a motion of censure in Arroyomolinos against the mayor close to Ayuso

Arroyomolinos Podemos has announced this Friday that it will formalize the presentation of a motion of censure against the mayor of the town, Ana Millán (PP), after being cited as being investigated for various corruption crimes. In this sense, the formation urges the municipal groups of Citizens and Neighbors for Arroyomolinos (VxA) to “have the courage” to join this initiative and, in this sense, offers them a transitional government until the municipal elections of 2023, Europe Press reports.

Ana Millán: the acolyte mayor of Ayuso who already has her corruption case

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“The name of Arroyomolinos is being stained with corruption, as has happened before with so many municipalities throughout Madrid”, explained the formation, which has demanded the resignation of the mayor and, in the event that it is not carried out Afterwards, he urges the parties that support his government (PP, Ciudadanos and PiArr) to withdraw their confidence in him.

“We all deserve a second chance, and above all our municipality deserves a new opportunity, after three consecutive mayors who have gone through the courts accused of different crimes. The opportunity to finally turn the page ”, has defended the formation.

In any case, Podemos has stressed that they will not demand “any compensation” to enter the new government and will continue, as until now, in the opposition. “Respecting Millán’s presumption of innocence, we fervently believe that legal norms are not the only ones that must be applied to public servants: we must be more demanding with politicians than with any other worker, due to their obligation to represent an entire municipality. The shadows of the mayor and her entire party become the shadow of all of Arroyomolinos, something unacceptable”, he defended.

On April 22, the head of the Investigating Court number 6 of Navalcarnero will take a statement as investigators from Ana Millán and businessman Vicente Roselló, according to an order issued on March 9, more than two months after the irruption of the UCO in the City Hall of Arroyomolinos. Legal sources have informed that the cause, whose secrecy was lifted that same March 9, investigates facts that would constitute the crimes of prevarication, bribery, money laundering and fraud against the Administration, a catalog of political and administrative corruption cases.

The investigation that is being carried out in a Navalcarnero court indicates that she and a businessman disguised a bribe as the monthly payments for the rent of an attic owned by the councilor. In four years, between January 3, 2008 and July 13, 2012, Ana Belén Millán received 44,462.67 euros from the company Neverland, owned by Roselló, according to the reports of the Civil Guard delivered to the judge, to those who have had access Four Roselló companies were awarded, between 2006 and 2011, more than 660,915.21 euros in contracts from the Department of Youth, headed by Ana Millán, according to data that the UCO has obtained from the Treasury. When Millán changed his Department, the Arroyomolinos City Council stopped hiring Roselló, according to the Civil Guard. In addition, Millán received another 6,642 euros from Roselló in 2012, the reason for which is unknown, adds the UCO.