Monday, January 17

We can ask for the imputation Álvaro de Orleans, cousin of Juan Carlos I, and Villar Mir in the Villarejo case

Podemos wants to tighten the fence on some people close to Juan Carlos I in the Villarejo case that points to alleged crimes of the king emeritus. The formation, which is exercised by the popular prosecution in this macrocause, considers that the conversations contributed to the investigation reveal “multiple indications of criminality” in the actions of some people in whom the National Court must investigate.

All the protagonists of the case of the fortune of Juan Carlos I in Switzerland

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The party asks for the imputation of Álvaro de Orleans, the cousin of Juan Carlos I, whom Larsen points out in Villarejo’s audios as the figurehead of the king emeritus, although he denies it. It also requests several letters rogatory directed to Switzerland or Monaco to gather information on its corporate network. Likewise, Podemos intends that the investigation followed by Judge Manuel García Castellón extends to businessman Juan Miguel Villar Mir, also cited in the recordings; and the lawyer Dante Canonica – already investigated in Switzerland – and whose services the emeritus would have used to create an alleged money-laundering structure, always according to the monarch’s ex-partner.

In the piece, Larsen, curator Villarejo, his partner, Rafael Redondo, and Juan Villalonga, former president of Telefónica, who allegedly put Larsen and Villarejo in touch and organized the recording meeting, in 2015, are already charged with the piece. in which it also appears.

These requests are contained in a letter in which Podemos opposes the appeal in which the ex-partner of the king emeritus requests the file of piece number 5, called Carol, which investigates in the National Court the indications of crimes that emerge from some recordings seized from the commissioner in which she appears spoken with the police and that they point to Juan Carlos I, although the emeritus cannot be investigated by the National Court as he is measured before the Supreme Court.

Larsen’s defense appealed his accusation before the Criminal Chamber, claiming that it was a “merely prospective” investigation and arguing that he was charged when there was no complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office or prior complaint from the aggrieved person. Recently, Villarejo’s defense has also adhered to this appeal stating – as Larsen also maintained – that he was not an active public official when he met with the monarch’s ex-partner.