Saturday, May 28

We can ask the judge to seize Luis Medina if he does not deliver the million in commissions in three days

The popular accusation that Podemos exercises in the case of the masks has asked the judge to require Luis Medina to deposit a bail for the amount of one million euros that he earned in commissions for the sale of medical supplies to the Madrid City Council and that, if he does not do so, proceed to the seizure of all his assets, in Spain or abroad. In a letter sent to the court, to which has had access, Podemos proposes that if Medina does not satisfy the eventual bail, he deliver a list of his assets and that it be agreed that they be collated by the Court.

The popular action exercised by Podemos also asks the judge that the three crimes for which Medina is being investigated be extended to a fourth, that of the seizure of assets, having disposed of funds of allegedly illicit origin after knowing the proceedings of investigation opened by the Anticorruption Prosecutor. Medina was questioned a year ago, in April 2021, and then continued to sell funds that he had acquired at Deutsche Bank.

In this sense, the legal representation of Podemos requests that the court send a new official letter to the aforementioned banking entity to detail the four operations for the sale of securities of a bond between April and August 2021, always after Medina’s statement before the prosecutor Luis Rodríguez Sol. In the same sense, Podemos requests that the Tax Agency report on the destination of the withdrawn funds and the possible recipients of the same.

Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño, the two businessmen who pocketed six million euros in commissions for selling defective material to the Madrid City Council thanks to their contacts in the consistory, moved the money collected from Malaysia until their accounts were emptied in the following months. When the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office began, there were barely a few euros left in their accounts. The judge has already reported that, for now, he has not been able to seize anything from Medina, that his bank accounts are empty.