Wednesday, February 21

We can now pay DGT fines from our mobile: the new features of the miDGT app

The digitization of the DGT is going smoothly and has a one-way road ahead of it. It has been nearly two years since miDGT was launched for drivers, although we had the opportunity to test the app beforehand. Now, its functions are expanded.

After listening to users, the functionalities of miDGT increase and it has received an update that allows speeding up many procedures from the mobile phone itself. Paying a fine without having to go to the bank is already one of them, but not the only one.

As simple as paying from your mobile phone

The mobile phone is destroying Credit and debit cards physical. And I am not only talking about paying in the supermarket or in a store, but also on public transport, to withdraw money from a bank or, simply, to buy online from the sofa at home.

It seemed, therefore, a delay that we could not do a procedure as simple as paying a traffic fine from the mobile phone. Now the last myDGT update you have already enabled this option. And, in addition, it allows you to download the sanction receipt and identify the fined driver if we were not the ones who were behind the wheel at that time. The obligation to travel to a post office or a collaborating bank is over.

But although this is the most striking novelty, it is not the only one that comes with the renewal of miDGT. Some of the most demanded changes by users were related to the possibility of car sharing. With the DGT app we can point to the regular driver of a vehicle putting his DNI and date of birth, so the fines will reach him. In addition, we can share the vehicle documentation with other drivers, very useful if the car is used by several people or if we want to have the papers at home.

In addition to these novelties, the possibility of make an appointment in the offices of the DGT to carry out any procedure that we need and, even, consult the result of the exams carried out up to 15 days after them. The added function in the “verifications” section is also interesting.

Now, in addition to confirming that a registration or driving license is valid, you can also verify the authenticity of official documents through CSV (Safe Code of Verification). This code is present in the electronic documents issued by the DGT and guarantees its authenticity, both in electronic and paper format. With this system, we can scan the code and, in addition to being displayed on the smartphone screen, it can also be downloaded to it, so we can always take it with us.