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We can, on Yolanda Díaz’s project: “This is not the time to talk about the name, but to broaden it”

We can consider that “this is not the time to talk about the name” in the political project that Yolanda Díaz is promoting. “It is time to broaden the political project,” said its spokesman, Pablo Fernández, when asked about the inclusion of the party in a candidacy led by the Minister of Labor and in which the Podemos brand is not present. At a press conference held this Monday, Fernández supported the statements made by the second vice president on the construction of a political space that is far from noise and egos.

The negotiation of the Budgets enters the key phase with differences between the partners on the limits to the rent

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“We do not believe that it was anyone in particular,” Fernández pointed out, when asked about Díaz’s criticism of egos and individualities in politics. For the spokesperson of Podemos, the new space in which Díaz works aspires to a “more feminist way of doing politics.” His training continues to work in “that sense”, he defended: “We continue to insist on being porous to bring together civil society.”

For her part, Isabel Serra, also a spokesperson for the formation, has insisted that “the people of this country would not understand” that the coalition government “no longer starts” a drop in rental prices, as her formation defends. Yolanda Díaz has also spoken on this matter at her entrance to a confederal meeting of United We Can. The second vice president has assured that for now there is no agreement in the negotiation of the General State Budgets. “For us it will not be, but there is “You have to have the will to negotiate.” Likewise, the Labor Minister has defended that “when the PSOE wants,” its formation is “ready.” “You know that we have delivered a document to negotiate budgets at the beginning of August. Time is running out, “he pointed out.

The issues in which there is “distance” between the coalition partners continue to be: society tax, family benefits, social bond and housing, according to Díaz. The limitation of rental prices in stressed areas has been one of the obstacles for the two formations to reach an agreement for weeks. The meetings continue, sources from the coalition assure that this Monday the ministers Félix Bolaños and Ione Belarra have met to address this issue again.

Pandora Papers

Faced with questions from journalists, Serra wanted to link one of his main demands – a minimum type of companies for large companies of 15% – with the Pandora Papers, a global investigation on tax evasion that has pointed out names such as Pep Guardiola, Julio Iglesias or the president of Chile, Santiago Piñera. For the spokeswoman for Podemos, the information revealed in the joint journalistic work carried out by 150 media uncovers the “impunity” with which “unfair fiscal policies” operate, which make “that those who have more contribute less than those who have less.” Given the above, Serra defends that the minimum rate of 15% “is a beginning to combat the inequality that exists in the fiscal policies of our country.”

The documents revealed by the Pandora Papers have also revealed that the ex-lover of Juan Carlos I tried to leave him 30% of the Saudi Hispanic fund that the former head of the State had sponsored and in which she had worked. For the spokesmen of Podemos, everything that happens around the emeritus king “is a shame for Spain.” “It is painful and regrettable that PP, Vox and PSOE refuse at the congressional table to initiate an investigation into the corruption of the king emeritus,” they have highlighted.

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