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We don’t need to convince Warren Buffett to invest in cryptocurrencies, says Binance CEO

Changpeng Zhao, founder and creator of the Binance exchange, showed his respect for Warren Buffett as an investor and said we don’t need to convince him to invest in cryptocurrencies. CZ also enjoyed the live of Yahoo Finance to clarify your discussion with Elon Musk this week.

Today both three are huge billionaires, each specializing in their industry. Because of this, CZ expresses admiration to both Buffett and Musk for their achievements, yet he continues to champion cryptocurrencies as his life’s mission.

The possibility that Warren Buffett might not invest in cryptocurrencies shows how well they work. Unlike fiat currencies such as reals and dollars, no one is required to buy or use cryptocurrencies.

Not everyone needs to invest in cryptocurrencies, and that’s okay

During a conversation with Yahoo Finance, Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ, said that not all people need to invest in cryptocurrencies. With comparative effect, she reported that her mother does not access the internet, and that everything is fine with both her and the internet.

According to CZ, cryptocurrencies are for people who want to use cryptocurrencies, that is, we don’t need to convince everyone. The same goes for billionaire investor Warren Buffett who still despises Bitcoin and other cryptos today.

“I wouldn’t convince him to invest in crypto. I think it’s not necessary that everyone has to invest in crypto”

In addition, Binance’s CEO said he would be more concerned if Buffett invested in cryptocurrencies than the other way around. After all, due to his age, he may not have the skills to keep his cryptocurrencies safe.

Anyway, CZ proved to be a fan of Buffett, reporting that he has read a book about the billionaire’s life and that he respects him a lot. His expression of admiration continued, making him compare himself to Buffett in terms of investments as CZ only invests in two cryptocurrencies.

“He likes to have a small number of stocks that he knows well.[…] And that’s very similar to my personal mindset.”

Treta com Elon Musk

Moving on, Changpeng Zhao also commented on his discussion with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. This week Musk attacked CZ and Binance due to problems with Dogecoin withdrawals, and CZ responded in kind.

Although he’s a huge Musk fan, CZ claims he had to defend Binance as this is his job. Just as he defends the crypto-industry because this is his life’s mission.

Finally, while older people can learn about cryptocurrencies and keep them safe, CZ’s speech shows that this technology will be more useful for generations to come. Besides, only the people who want to use them will use them, nobody is obliged to do anything.

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