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We explain what Amazon Prime is and what benefits it offers | Digital Trends Spanish

Do you usually buy on Amazon, but you can’t quite understand what is amazon prime? Because it’s not just about free delivery and access to series and movies through Amazon Prime Video, we explain all the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership, America’s largest online retail store.

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If you choose the annual plan, the subscription service of Amazon will set you back $139.. If you prefer to pay monthly, it will cost you $15 every 30 days. But with all it has to offer, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Free shipping and lightning deals

If you shop frequently on Amazon, the first benefit you will have will be the savings on shipping costs. Prime members get many of the products free in two days, as long as they live in the continental United States. Other members also have access to free overnight shipping to select zip codes and even same day shipping. Prime users also receive purchases made in the Prime Now service and Amazon Fresh, which distribute basic products and groceries, within two hours and at no cost.

Alternatively, if you don’t need an item right away, you can reap some rewards by not opting for the faster shipping option. With free “no rush” shipping, you earn rewards on your purchases once they ship or receive discounts right away, simply for accepting a longer shipping wait time.

If you don’t need an item right away, you can earn rewards by opting out of the faster shipping option. With free “no rush” shipping, you earn rewards on your next purchases or receive discounts right away, just for accepting a longer wait time.

Shipping isn’t the only way Prime can save its users money, either. Prime members also get early access to Amazon’s “flash deals,” in which the company offers massive discounts on specific items for a limited time. In fact, they get 30-minute early access to select lightning deals.

Advantages of Amazon Prime Day

With Amazon Prime you’ll get early access to some lightning deals.

for whom the Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday aren’t enough, there’s also Prime Day, Amazon’s annual sales fest. On this day, Prime users have access to exclusive offers. Although not everyone likes it, there is always the possibility that you can find something good at a low cost.

Watch the latest releases on Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

One of the most valuable aspects of a membership is access to the content library of streaming Prime Video. Like Netflix, the platform has a robust library. In addition to a rotating selection of third-party series and movies, Amazon has its own studio, producing award-winning original content such as Transparent and catastropheas well as co-productions such as good omens.

Although you can lease or purchase titles individually, you have free access to several of them with a subscription at any time, allowing you to stream them on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, and consoles.

Prime Music and Amazon Photos


Prime also allows users to stream music, just like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Amazon’s library is robust, and users can stream from their computers, smartphones, tablets, and even family. Amazon echo. Amazon’s library has over 2 million songs and the content is ad-free.

Prime also includes a cloud-based service for storing photos called Amazon Photos. In addition to unlimited storage for photos, they can keep up to 5 GB of videos. The technology also makes it easy to search for specific photos using a keyword, allowing you to identify an image based on location, among other factors.

Advantages with Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming

Game streaming services like Twitch have become one of the hottest trends on the internet. Now Amazon Prime members get free access to Prime Gaming, which includes a subscription to the Twitch channel. Benefits include free games and items for titles like Grand Theft Auto Online, League of Legends and Madden NFL 21. If you already have a Twitch account, you just need to link it to your Amazon Prime account.

get copies of books

Prime Reading

If you have a Kindle – or have downloaded the Kindle mobile app – and you subscribe to Prime, you can download free eBooks from the Prime Reading collection. It’s the same process as checking out a book from a library, except there’s no expiration date: just return the book whenever you want. You can download up to 10 titles at a time. If you want to download other titles, you will have to return the ones you have on loan.

Amazon Prime also has the Amazon First Reads program. Allows you to read one of six unpublished books each month at no cost (it costs $1.99 for other users). Amazon publishers will curate all six books each month, and Prime members can read one for free before official release.

Amazon Fresh and Prime Now

Amazon Fresh and Prime Now

For specific locations, Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service where Prime members purchase groceries with delivery within one to two hours. Prime Now allows you to order grocery and non-grocery items and have them delivered for free within a two-hour window in select cities. Lastly, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods means members will gain access to exclusive deals on select products from that store.

complete your wardrobe

Taking a page from Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, Amazon also offers Prime Wardrobe, a clothing subscription that allows you to try on clothes, shoes or accessories and pay only for the items you keep. Customers have up to seven days to decide what they like and can return unwanted items free of charge.

Save as a parent or student

a family cooks

If you have children -with all the additional expenses that this entails-, amazon-family can help you save on baby-related items. One of the most notable benefits? You can sign up to have diapers and baby food delivered regularly at 20 percent off the list price. You can also get 15 percent off certain items on your baby registry.

If you’re a college student, you can also get a Prime membership for a fraction of the cost ($69 per year). You’ll need to sign up with a valid email address from your university (.edu) and you’ll get a six-month free trial. Plus, you’ll get access to student-specific offers.

Is a Prime membership worth it?

You may be wondering if the features of a Prime membership justify the price. Looking at the numbers, it seems to be the case. Free shipping is an advantage because costs can be higher if you have a heavy package. If you order a lot from Amazon, having a Prime membership could save you a lot of money on shipping alone.

Prime Video is also almost worth the price of admission on its own. Compare the service to basic access to Netflix, which costs $10 a month. You should also consider Prime’s streaming music service. If you look at Spotify, their ad-free paid subscription costs a $10 monthly fee. That said, Amazon’s Prime Music library isn’t as robust as Spotify’s, but it offers plenty of songs and artists for an extra $8 per month.

But that doesn’t even touch all the other benefits of a Prime membership. You probably won’t even need most of them, but the ones you use will justify membership: Amazon Prime pays for itself after a mere order or two a month, making it a worthwhile membership.

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