Wednesday, October 20

We have a serious problem with Pablo Casado’s PP

The Convention closed last weekend in Valencia by Pablo Casado has shown that it is not only the Spanish right that has a problem with the PP, but that the whole of the Spanish political system has it.

There is no democratic political system that can operate without an opposition with an entity that represents a contrast to the government’s action before public opinion and that guarantees said opinion that there is an alternative for the political direction of the country.

The convention, as we have been told, has been meticulously prepared over several months by Pablo Casado in order to reaffirm and relaunch his leadership in the remainder of the legislature. It has been thought, or at least that is how it has been transmitted to us, as the first act of the campaign for the next general elections, whatever they may be. Pedro Sánchez is already the past, although he still doesn’t know it. The future is Pablo Casado’s PP. In these terms, the president of the PP expressed himself in the interview made by the newscast of the first channel of TVE.

This being the case, how is it possible that the star figures of the Convention have been Ignacio Camuñas, Mariano Rajoy, Nicolas Sarkozy, Aleix Vidal Quadras, José María Aznar, Mario Vargas Llosa and even the shadow of Francisco Camps at the gates of the square of bulls in Valencia? They are all people who, if they had to say something, would have to do it in their “memories”, but nothing more. They represent the past of the right with all its lights, but, above all, with all its shadows, especially in the field of corruption. When it comes to the present and the future, none of them have anything to say. They have credited it in their interventions in a thunderous way.

The development of the Convention produces perplexity first and concern immediately afterwards. Is that what the Spanish right has to offer the country? Does Pablo Casado need the endorsement and message of the people I mentioned in the previous paragraph to feel safe as a candidate for the presidency of the Government? Does Pablo Casado share Ignacio Camuñas’s interpretation of the Civil War, or that of the State of Autonomies of Vidal Quadras, or of the fight against corruption by Rajoy, Sarkozy, Aznar and Camps, or Vargas Llosa’s thesis that it It is not important to vote freely, but to vote “well”? Is it from these interventions that you are going to build a program for the next general elections?

The worrying thing about the Convention is that it seems that Pablo Casado does not have a single personal idea and that he has to turn to the past of the Spanish right with some European and Latin American incursions, which should embarrass him. It seems that this is all that the PP has to offer to Spanish society. If over several months of preparation this is the message with which the PP intends to present itself to citizens so that they trust it to lead the country, it is so that all citizens are concerned. Not only right-wing citizens, but everyone.

It is not hidden from anyone that we are at a politically decisive moment in the whole world, but in a very special way in Spain and the European Union. In the immediate future, it will be essential to renegotiate the social contract in each of the Member States of the European Union as well as in all of them. The indicators that it has to be this way accumulate.

In these next two years, future projects for Spain and for Europe that will be offered to citizens in the next elections have to be drawn. The PP has confessed in the Convention that it has nothing to offer. I am afraid that the only thing that can be expected is that the PP tries to muddy the playing field so that there is no electoral competition proper, in which alternative programs can be confronted.

In the remainder of 2021, we will check it in the Congress of Deputies when the General State Budget Bill has to be discussed. The tone of the debate is going to be the tone for the rest of the legislature and the next elections.

It is what it is.

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