Sunday, March 26

We open all our information about the war in Ukraine

At we believe that journalism is a public service, because it responds to the constitutional right to information. In times like the ones we live in, that right is more important than ever. And that is why we have decided to completely open all our news related to the war in Ukraine.

Our partner model already allows students, the unemployed or people with low incomes to take advantage of discounted or even free fees so as not to be left out of But in the face of these serious events, we do not want to place a single impediment, no matter how small, that would complicate access to our information.

That you can read us without paying does not mean that our journalism is free: good information is not cheap. We can open this news because our partners pay for it for everyone to enjoy. There is always someone who funds journalism, even when it comes to propaganda.

Our independence is possible because it is financed by 62,000 partners. If you also believe in the need for free journalism, support us.

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