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We share 5 original gift ideas for vegans | Digital Trends Spanish

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There are very few days left until Christmas begins, so it is best to finalize the gifts now so as not to forget anyone. Surely among your loved ones there is a vegan person and perhaps you are not very clear about what to give yourself without falling into the classic recipe books. Don’t worry: here we are going to show you five original gift ideas so that the vegans you love the most get a nice surprise from you.

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Tofu press

Surely you do not know that something like this exists, but if you are a regular consumer of tofu you will know well how difficult it is to remove the juice to be able to cook it correctly. With this gadget you can drain everything the water from the tofu without damaging it in order to improve its flavor and texture.

Using it is as simple as placing the block of tofu inside and lowering the press. Then you just have to leave it for a few hours in the refrigerator (it doesn’t take up too much space) and drain the water into an outside container. Its price on Amazon is $ 27.94.

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Vegan milker

Vegans do not consume any food of animal origin and that includes, of course, milk and all its derivatives. On the market there are a large quantity of vegetable milks from cereals such as rice or oats and from fruits and seeds such as almonds or soybeans, but these often contain large amounts of sugars.

Your vegan friend or family member may find it a great idea to make their own plant-based drink at home. To do this, the ideal is to use a Vegan Milker or what is the same, a kitchen appliance with a special filter that allows you to make all kinds of homemade vegetable milks in a few minutes. One of the most recommended is the Vegan Milker Premium by Chufamix whose price is $ 53.95 and which also includes an electronic recipe book.

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In recent years, sprouted seeds have become very fashionable thanks to their health properties and high nutritional value. Many of these sprouts such as alfalfa, watercress, broccoli or onion can be bought in food stores and large supermarkets, but they can also be made at home.

To do it in a simple and hygienic way, the ideal is to use a germinator, so we have again an original gift for our beloved vegans. This one from Traccon, for sale on Amazon, is very easy to use and also takes up little space, making it perfect for having sprouts always ready in the kitchen. Its price is $ 39.98.

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Mushroom growing kit

Since we are in the business of growing our own food, why leave out mushrooms? There are several mushroom culture kits on Amazon, all of them with care as simple as not exposing them to direct light and keeping them moist until they sprout.

The Back to the Roots grow kits promise growth in just 10 days and also feature different species. We recommend this kit composed of two varieties whose price is $ 35 dollars.

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Christmas basket of vegan snacks

If your vegan friend or relative is more about eating than cooking, don’t worry, because we also have an idea for him, which is also very Christmassy. It is a very complete basket of sweets and salty snacks all of them, of course, 100 percent cruelty free.

The basket looks like a miniature garden and arrives perfectly packaged as a holiday gift. In it there is an assortment made up of 20 different products. Its price on Amazon is $ 47.99.

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