Monday, December 6

We signed the Declaration “Verses”, contrary to the metaverse of Facebook

In the name of a fairer future of the internet, several people gathered under the name “Verses” have put together a “Declaration for the Interdependence of Cyberspace”, as a reaction to Facebook’s plans in its metaverse. Verses invites all those who consider the “closed fiefdoms of the platforms” unfair to adhere to the document, by means of a cryptographic signature with the Metamask wallet.

The authors note that the document is also a revision of Barlow’s Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, which they refer to as a “foundational cyberpunk text.” John Perry Barlow presented this Declaration in the Swiss city of Davos in 1996, in response to the approval of the United States Telecommunications Act that same year.

Verses invites you to make bifurcations to its Declaration, with the commitment to include them in it. The drafters of the document consider that although the Barlow Declaration quickly became part of the cyberpunk canon, today we are faced with another Internet. “Facebook’s rebrand has made it clear that its goal is to control the contours of the online world. The Barlow Declaration captured the dreams of a freer cyberspace, but today we consider it insufficient, “they say.

Facebook is called Meta and aspires to be the owner of the world through the metaverse

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