Friday, December 3

“We sincerely apologize”: Rockstar apologizes for the bumpy launch of the ‘GTA’ remaster

The criticism that the launch of ‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition’ has generated on PC has been too many. Rockstar games has decided to apologize with a public letter, acknowledging that there have been problems. The company promises that it will release updates that fix the bugs as time goes on.

“We ask the community for a respectful debate”

“The Grand Theft Auto saga is as special to us as we know it to be to all fans around the world. New versions of these classics have not been released in a quality that is up to our standards, nor those that our fans they expected “

The letter He goes on to describe how Rockstar Games’ intention was to allow new generations to enjoy the GTA series with a facelift, while acknowledging that this is no reason to remove the classic versions of those games. These versions will be available again in package form, and everyone who has purchased the Remastered Edition will get them for free and can redeem them until June 30, 2022.

Those responsible for Rockstar also take the opportunity to warn that have detected harassment of developers who have worked on the remastered versions, and ask “to have a respectful and civilized debate” around the matter.

The statement seeks to calm things down regarding this release, promising fixes and improvements with regular updates in the future. Little by little, the GTA saga will recover the look it deserves. Let’s stay with the good part: Rockstar has decided to be honest with itself and has recognized the mistake that it has been to launch its GTA games with the graphical failures that so many memes (and unfortunately harassment) they have caused in the networks.

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