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We tell you how to get Apple TV + free | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple’s streaming service offers an ever-growing range of content, including original movies, adult comedies, and children’s television shows, including from Oprah and The Me You Can’t See from Prince Harry to the last fun season of Mythic Quest. Do you already know how get Apple TV + free? Here we tell you.

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If you are interested in exploring the Apple line, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that for the last 18 months or so, Apple has been offering a one-year free trial of Apple TV + if you buy certain new products like an iPhone or MacBook.

The bad news is that this promotion ended on July 1, 2021, this deal is now reduced to just a three-month trial. The current cost is $ 4.99 per month, more affordable than many other streaming apps. Here’s how to sign up and what it entails.

Note: We know it’s a bit confusing, but remember that Apple TV + is a streaming subscription like Netflix or Hulu, while Apple TV is a physical set-top box and a single platform for your entertainment center. You don’t need an Apple TV device to watch Apple TV +, the TV app works on many platforms and also supports playback through your browser.

Step 1: go to the Apple TV + website

Apple TV + website for subscription

Technically, you can sign up for Apple TV + on almost any device, but we prefer the quick and easy method of jumping into your desktop browser and navigating to the Apple TV + website. Here is the link to visit it directly And, of course, you can find it at any time by Googling “Apple TV +”.

Step 2: start your free trial

It’s a good idea to start with Apple’s 7-day free trial (and we’ll also discuss how to sign up for a free year below). If you like Apple TV + and find enough new content to continue, you can seamlessly transition to making payments through your Apple account after the trial period ends.

To start this procedure, click the button Watch now in the upper right corner of the web page. This takes you to the registration page, where you must select Start your free trial. Choose Continue to confirm your choice.

Step 3: enter your Apple ID and verify payment

Apple ID verification screen to access Apple TV +

If you have not already signed in automatically, you will now need to enter your Apple ID and password. Your Apple account is how you will manage your subscription and payments, so you will need one to watch Apple TV +.

If you haven’t signed in to that device in a while, you may need to perform two-factor authentication as well. After you’re signed in, Apple may also ask you to enter your payment information.

If necessary, have your payment card ready so you can quickly scan or enter the information, then select Next to continue. You may need to enter a card even if you already have payments set up for your Apple account in another way.

Step 4: confirm your subscription

Apple TV + subscription process screen

Apple may ask you to sign in again with your Apple ID and password. (If you want this process to be easier, you must register with a password manager). Log in as many times as necessary and select Confirm when the option is available.

When finished, you will receive a message that says Welcome to Apple TV +, Choose Continue to start watching content right away. In this same message they will also remind you that you can configure parental controls for all versions of Apple TV +, so if the kids will be watching, now is a good time to visit your account settings and put some controls in place.

Step 5: make sure you get your year free

Final Apple TV + subscription screen

If you see an option to sign up for your free trial after logging into your Apple account, select it! Unfortunately, this does not always appear, depending on the browser or device you are using.

If you don’t see that option, but you know that you purchased an Apple device by June 30, 2021 and signed into it with your Apple ID, don’t push Confirm yet, it is still possible to take advantage with the free subscription year.

Instead, try to download the app Apple TV directly on an Apple device that you purchased before June 30, such as an iPhone or iPad. Open it and see the offers for Apple TV +. This is usually enough for Apple to acknowledge that you recently purchased a new product and offer its free trial.

If you’ve already signed up for Apple TV + and purchased a new device before the deadline, please contact Apple customer service immediately and explain your situation. They should be able to see your account and make any necessary adjustments to your payment plan.

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