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We tested Floor One S3 Series, Tineco’s smart mopping robot

The Chinese company Shenzhen Tian You Intelligence Co., Ltd is the owner of the Tineco smart mop and vacuum cleaner brand. In the case of the latter, they are not the first to have been launched on the market since Vorwerk -the brand that owns Termomix- has its Kobold vacuum cleaner -which we tested in its day-, also capable of performing the functions of an intelligent mop. Cecotec also presents this function in its latest broom vacuum cleaner model, and it is also present in some Rowenta models.

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How the Floor One S3 Series works

Floor One S3 Series is the most and best adapted model to the specific function of automatic scrubbing, moving the vacuum cleaner function to a merely auxiliary plane, by facilitating the elimination of light particles -textiles, dust, hair, etc.- so that the scrubbing is efficient. In fact, it cannot suck up particles of a certain thickness or volume that a normal vacuum cleaner sucks up.

However, this specialization allows you to greatly simplify scrubbing tasks, considering both the load of soapy water and the ability to suck up and collect dirty water, inside your body.

That is, we only have to load water with solvent -Tineco offers one of its brand but presumably we can use a commercial floor scrubber as long as it is not too foamy- in the clean water tank and try to empty the dirty water tank when it is full.

This water is the one that the mop sucks after passing it with a roller on the floor, coming from the soapy water tank. The system makes us limit ourselves to passing the robot as if it were a vacuum cleaner and waiting for the patina we left to dry, which it does quite quickly. The result is efficient.

user experience

The device is powerful and has a strong traction that forces us to stop it at times, something that can be an impediment to people who do not have excessive strength. It is also heavy, but its use in this sense is not complicated except if we have to lift it, which is generally unnecessary.

It is held only by standing in the off position by pushing the rotor body forward on the brush base and this position also serves to pause it. As for autonomy, we have verified that in an area close to 100 m2, only 55% of the battery is used and the clean water tank had to be recharged once, emptying the dirty one, which retained numerous impurities. The usage time in this case was 18 minutes and 20 seconds. The autonomy. advertised is between 25 and 300 minutes.

The robot has been shown to be effective against dry and dense, almost solid, stains from sauces, as well as stains from coffee, infusions, wine, etc. However, each person has their level of demand, and although the general result may satisfy the majority, it is advisable to get used to using this device to learn how to get the most out of it in any circumstance.

For its part, the Floor One S3 Series offers an “Automat” vacuum mode and another “Maximun”, the latter for very difficult stains. It also allows cleaning with just water or with soap and water.

Ease of cleaning

A very important section in this type of device is the cleaning of the filters, the tanks, the lower brush-mop, etc., since if it is not easy and effective, in the long run the result of the scrubbing will be poor.

In this case, both the dirty water tank and the filters it contains, as well as the brush, can be easily disassembled and washed under the tap, to be replaced once they are completely dry.

In this regard, the Floor One S3 Series comes with a replacement brush set and filters for when they can no longer clean well. It also incorporates various instruments to remove threads, hair, etc., that can get entangled in the brush. Finally, the device itself allows internal self-cleaning with the push of a button.

Ease of handling

We have already commented that the physical handling of the device is simple, although it is advisable to have a certain arm firmness to control it. Another aspect is to be careful not to step on the wet trail left by the robot, so it cannot be operated similar to that of a vacuum cleaner, but we must plan the route to always leave an escape route at our feet.

As for the information panel, which is located on the top of the robot, it is quite clear and simple, offering information on the remaining autonomy of the battery, as well as the suction power used, whether the clean water tank is empty or the full dirty water. Also if the dirt sensor is too dirty or not.

Additionally, a voice from the robot notifies us of all the alerts explained above, which can be somewhat annoying but is undoubtedly very useful, since we do not see how the deposits are while we vacuum.

To finish, the only negative point is the Wi-Fi connectivity, which is complicated to configure and finally offers a mobile application that is very poor in control functionalities.

The Floor One S3 Series is on Amazon for 449.00 euros

Other similar models

Tineco iFloor3

It is the simplest version of the Floor One S3 Series, without such an informative LCD panel and without Wi-Fi connectivity that is of little use. Perhaps, considering that it costs 100 euros less, this alternative is worth it.

The iFloor3 is on sale at Amazon for 296.65 euros

AlphaBot T36

It is another model similar to the previous ones, but with the dirty water tank on the back. It sucks up small particles, hair, sauces, baby food etc., and has a somewhat simpler LCD panel, but its price can convince. to many, as well as the rave reviews it gets.

The AlfaBot T36 is on sale at Amazon for 229.49 euros

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