Friday, January 28

“We will be inflexible with noncompliants,” said the head of ARBA during a control operation

As part of these operations, ARBA set up a mobile office to collect debt from notified drivers.

The agency detected vehicles located in a strange jurisdiction -other provinces- to pay less car tax, so the Agency explained that they will be notified to register in Buenos Aires territory ex officio.

The actions, which are developed with greater intensity today and tomorrow, took place in corridors in the north of the AMBA, Tandil and Mar del Plata, among other locations.

In this sense, Girard expressed in statements to Crónica TV: “We are carrying out vehicle inspection controls aimed at high-end luxury cars because we consider that we must be inflexible with these breaches after six years of very deep crisis.”

He analyzed that people who have the economic possibility to buy high-end vehicles “cannot speculate on the patent payment, but must comply with their tax obligations.”

“The pandemic is being left behind, we must continue to recover, the recovery must reach everyone and we have to target those who have the most to get out of this complicated situation and the Government is making a great effort in that regard,” he said, urging payment of tributes.

He assessed that “it is very important that we are all responsible knowing that the State is transferring resources to those who are having a bad time,” and stressed: “We are going to be inflexible with those who do not pay and we will hijack the vehicles that we have to hijack.”

The official specified that when the tax debt detected exceeds 10% of the tax value of the vehicle, it can be hijacked if the owner does not pay 50% of the total amount at the time.

In this context, he charted: “last week we retained an Audi valued at $ 50,000 that owed a million pesos.”

Then, he pointed out that “this week we carried out operations in Tigre and San Isidro, and 30% of the vehicles had debt for a total of six million pesos”, and specified that in those controls it was possible to collect 500,000 pesos “at the time” and the debt was notified “to bring them up to date.”

“Yesterday we were in Tandil and Mar del Plata, today in Nordelta and San Isidro; next week we will continue with these controls,” said Girard, and stated: “we all have to put our shoulders.”

Agency sources detailed that in the mobile office set up today in Nordelta, a truck that owes 500,000 pesos as a patent paid on the spot to be able to continue and avoid the kidnapping.

These control operations, which have the support of the Buenos Aires Police, allow the detection and retention of luxury automobiles that are included in the list of defaulters that is regularly published on