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“We will sweep the fachas”: hundreds of protesters rebuke Macarena Olona at the University of Murcia

More than a hundred people have rebuked Macarena Olona, ​​a former Vox deputy, upon her arrival at the University of Murcia -UMU- to participate in a presentation on the unconstitutionality of the state of alarm. An hour before her arrival, members of the academic community have been gathering at the door of the educational institution waiting for Olona, ​​during which time there have been a couple of clashes between supporters of the far-right party and the protesters. A large police force has been present at all times, and has escorted the former parliamentarian upon her arrival.

Olona threatens to unleash the first major crisis in Vox

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In the concentration, chants such as “Murcia will be the tomb of fascism”, “The uni is our house, we sweep the fachas”, “Olona here you do not register” or “Olona guilty, Luján responsible”, the latter doing reference to the rector of the University of Murcia, José Luján, for not suspending the conference with the former Vox deputy.

In a press conference for the media, Olona once again ruled out creating a new political formation “today”, an action that he has branded as “tremendously irresponsible” because “it would fragment the political map”. However, he has assured that if at any time “Vox ceases to be an alternative government” she will be “at the disposal of the Spanish”. In an interview with the newspaper The Independent newspaper, clarified that depending on the result of the municipal elections of May 2023, he will say if he takes “a step forward”. “

The former parliamentarian has reiterated that from now on “she will walk alone” and that she will not answer any more questions related to Vox so that she does not have to “go back” on her words. “Some internally have taken advantage of my silence to put up an absolutely false story with the meat-grinding machinery,” lamented Olona, ​​who has insisted that he is not a “threat” to the party. The former deputy has assured that today people know that if she is not in Vox it is not by “her will”

The organizer of the conference has been the Spanish Institute of Political Studies, an organization created by the Murcian deputies expelled from Vox. In 2020, three of the four deputies of the far-right party in the Regional Assembly removed national leaders such as Ortega Smith from their bank accounts, in addition to firing employees hired by the central leadership. The national leadership then decided to expel them, but in January of this year the Justice forced the formation to reinstate them for violating “their rights of association and public participation.”

Initially, the presentation was scheduled in the Hemicycle of the Faculty of Letters, but its dean warned days before the event that they did not have the relevant authorization. Finally, the talk was moved to the UMU Paraninfo, dependent on the university rectorate, which did not hinder its realization. “At the University of Murcia there are no filters to grant or not a space for a presentation, talk or conference with non-profit associations,” sources from the educational institution itself assured this medium.

The former Vox deputy is in the eye of the hurricane due to the schism she has caused in Vox. Olona left her act of deputy in Andalusia after appearing in the regional elections last June in which her party won 15 seats, alleging medical reasons. Months later, she resumed her political life and found herself in a veiled confrontation with Santiago Abascal, who assured that she was no longer in her party. After an interview with the former deputy granted to the abc diary in which he insinuated “lack of internal democracy” in the party, one of the strong men of Vox Ivań Espinosa de los Monteros announced the “end of the road” for Olona in the extreme right formation.

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