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Wear it or not: six practical uses for your old bra

During the quarantine, many stopped using it. And, like so many other times before, this garment once again became a revulsion of rebellion, and a symbol of liberation. The #nobrachallenge, a digital challenge in which women uploaded photos to Instagram, dressed, but without a bra.

The consequences of being at home all day without shoes and without a bra

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The pandemic changed our relationship with the bra. It made us rethink the pros and cons of using it. And even the doctors used both negative and positive reasons for the use of this feminine garment.

While some studies have left their physiological usefulness, directly, in question: they neither prevent back pain nor prevent our chest from falling, according to a study 2013, from the University of Franche-Comte in Besançon.

Whether we want to wear it or not, a decision that should be solely personal, the truth is that this garment ages badly. Before we get rid of it, if it is in good condition, we can consider donating it.

But, when we have enough, either because we have decided to get rid of the bra, or because it is a mess; It doesn’t hurt to know how to take advantage of it; and what uses can we give to the piece of lingerie. Because it turns out that the Internet is full of ideas to take advantage of this garment that supports the female body.

1. Reinforce oven mitts with bra cups

If we have oven mitts that do not seem thick enough, and we burn our fingers when we take out hot food, we can reinforce them. In this case, those padded pads that this garment sometimes includes to shape the chest, can help us: just remove them, and sew or glue them inside the gloves, in the area where you place your fingers. They will serve to remove heat from the skin.

2. Make ourselves a perfume diffuser with the bra cup

If we remove the straps and sew or glue the two cups together, one on top of the other, to make them more padded, it seems that we can make a perfume diffuser out of an old bra. Inside the glasses, we can put dried flowers, or a cotton well soaked in perfume or essential oils, such as eucalyptus or lavender.

When we tie this invention to a rope, we can hang it from a closet; or keep it in a drawer, to impregnate our garments with a special smell. And we can’t just reuse a bra: here are seven practical ideas to take advantage of your leaky stockings.

3. Use them as pant patches

As much as leaky pants are a trend, sometimes we get out of hand. And the broken extends beyond what we had thought. It can also happen to us, that we want to wear torn pants in the middle of winter; but let’s face it, let’s fight cold with them.

Well, the cups of an old bra can solve the ballot for us; because we can use them to place a patch for this broken inside on the jeans; and they are quite beautiful. When you get sick of that pair of jeans too, donate them. Or take a look at these five things to do with your old folks jeans or ripped jeans.

4. Wear an old bra as a knee pad or shoulder pad

When we need to sew a knee pad to a pants, and we do not have one at hand, we can also resort to the cups or the padding of a bra: it is enough to sew them on the pants that we want to protect. And there are those who use them, in the same way, as elbow pads.

The matter does not end here: because we can take advantage of these cups as shoulder pads, to lift a sad shirt, and give it a totally new look.

5. If a shoe or sports shoe hurts us …

There are shoes, boots and even sports that are difficult to tame. And, sometimes, it is good for us to have a padded reinforcement to avoid those annoying, and painful, chafing that they leave us on the feet. Well, we can cut a piece of that padded cup of the bra, and place it in the area that is crushing our existence.

6. To shape a stuffed animal

Stuffed animals lose shape with use; and they stay lazy. But we can take advantage of the bra cups to fill these types of dolls and return them to their shape and plump appearance.

Whatever we do, the decision to wear a bra should be a personal one. And if we decide to get rid of it, we already have some practical idea to take advantage of this small gesture of liberation.

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