Friday, September 22

Weekend of maximum alert in 44 Catalan municipalities due to high temperatures and the risk of fire

At the gates of a weekend of extreme temperatures, which in Catalonia will move around 40 degrees, the Generalitat has activated the maximum alert for the risk of fire in 44 municipalities.

This is how the ‘CSI’ of forest fires operates: “Fire leaves traces”

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The regions of Garrigues, Segrià, Noguera, Priorat, Ribera d’Ebre and Terra Alta have activated the Level 3 Alpha Plan since this Friday, which implies that they will not be able to carry out any activity with the risk of forest fire and work in the forests will be stopped and hunting.

However, 863 activities that had already been authorized have been suspended. Access to the Serra del Montsant Natural Park has also been closed, where entry has been prohibited until the risk is reduced.

The Govern has also asked citizens to take extreme precautions in this episode of extreme fire danger that, predictably, will reach its critical point on Saturday and could last until Sunday.

The Rural Agents Corps recalls that 90% of fires are the result of human activities, whether due to carelessness, accidents or intentionality. Likewise, it asks to bear in mind that it is totally prohibited to make fires in forest areas and their surroundings.