Saturday, November 27

WeFIV is imposed as a clinic for assisted reproduction treatments

WeFIV began with the encouragement of experienced medical professionals, such as Dr. Fernando Neuspiller, President; Yésica Mendez, Director of Operations, and Natalia Basile, PhD, Director of Development.

“We have grown, based on continuous improvement and research as one of the fundamental pillars for carrying out new fertilization practices, always prioritizing clinical results”, argued Dr. Neuspiller.

And he added: “In addition, we have been working with state-of-the-art technology with a medical team of the highest level to make the dream of thousands of families come true. Today, thanks to all this evolution, and as a result of a redefinition in the strategy of the company, we decided to go one step further to proudly announce the launch of WeFIV, with the same values, technology and professionals as IVI Buenos Aires ”.

The objective of the clinic is to reach “the 3,000 preserves accumulated during the first year of management” and 5,000 live newborns.

“In this new stage, we want to transmit peace of mind to our patients since we will continue all the treatments in a normal way and we will continue in the same way with the protection of gametes and embryos. We know that we can continue to fulfill the dream of forming a family, maintaining quality and service standards, ”said Mendez.

For his part, Basile, PhD, Director of Development of WeFIV, stated: “We will continue with the same passion the work of providing first level medical care in order to prevent and treat fertility disorders, as well as promote and contribute to the development Scientist of Human Reproduction “.

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