Friday, August 12

Welcome to Wrexham: Ryan Reynolds introduces his football team | Digital Trends Spanish

The Wrexham Association Football Club It is one of the three most popular teams in Wales, after Cardiff City and Swansea. Today the cast founded in 1864 and with a Football League One title and 23 Welsh cups, is owned by the actor Ryan Reynolds.

And the famous performer is now part of Welcome to Wrexham, an FX documentary series and Hulu about this story.

The first trailer for the series gives us some insight into the decision at a time when a child theorizes that Reynolds was motivated by the color of Deadpool’s costume.

“What my father and I thought was that Wrexham is red and Deadpool is red,” the boy shares. That’s the real reason, sorry,” Reynolds jokes.

Welcome to Wrexham explore how Reynolds and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starRob McElhenney, decided to buy the Wrexham Red Dragons in 2020.

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