Thursday, October 28

Wendy’s Creates Voice Assistant to Recognize Customers | Digital Trends Spanish

The restaurant chain Wendy’s and Google Cloud have signed an agreement to take advantage of the technology’s AI and voice recognition tools to improve customer service and personalize them, including navigation and search software.

While no further details of this partnership have been released yet, Wendy’s plan is to create a voice assistant that can identify customers and predict what they will order against previous visits.

For now, Google Cloud is delivering various digital tools for the fast food chain.

The voice assistant who plans to develop the restaurant could even interact with people from Google software. Thus, the AI ​​could take and transcribe phone or drive-thru orders to give to cooks.


In the kitchen, artificial intelligence could act as a chef’s assistant using cameras to observe and a loudspeaker to alert the cook when, for example, a hamburger needs to be turned or when the line of customers is getting too long.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and our partnership with Google Cloud is raising the bar by allowing us to tailor the experience to their preferences,” said Wendy’s Chief Information Officer Kevin Vasconi.

“We believe that Google Cloud’s AI / ML and data analytics solutions will enable Wendy’s to innovate ways to create fast, frictionless and fun interactions that redefine the way customers visit and enjoy our restaurants.”

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