Thursday, July 7

What a relief!! WhatsApp will let you leave the groups without being known | Digital Trends Spanish

Cast the first stone the person who has never left a group of WhatsApp and that you haven’t felt a shred of shame because everyone is left talking about why you left. All this because the annoying notifications on the screen leave the group completely aware of who the deserter is.

The truth is that the Meta app is now working on a feature to make sneaking a little easier, quietly and discreetly.

According to WaBetaInfo, the messaging platform is working on a new feature that would allow WhatsApp users to leave groups silently. A screenshot of the upcoming feature shows that when you leave a group, other members will not be informed of your departure. Only you and the WhatsApp group administrator will be notified that you have left the group.

WaBetaInfo reports that the feature is in development and will soon land in the beta version of the app for Android and iOS.

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