Saturday, May 21

What a surprise

They are there. It seemed that it could not happen but it happened yesterday: a photo of Pedro Sánchez, King Felipe VI and the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. Dining together. And the world has not sunk. There is a photo.

Things are already happening of those that announce that politics is turning the page and we are entering the next current chapters.

Today let’s get to know the details of how Susana Díaz is going to leave the leadership of the PSOE of Andalusia. After resisting and negotiating with his successor, Juan Espadas, the former president will accept the relief today as soon as possible, in exchange for a “dignified exit.”

Tomorrow we will see to María Dolores de Cospedal, who was among many other things the general secretary of the PP with Rajoy, to testify as accused before a judge about the jobs entrusted to Villarejo to spy on Bárcenas and prevent the evidence of the PP’s black payments from seeing the light . The details of the policy are quickly forgotten, but it must be remembered that Cospedal had to leave politics for this case, in 2018, when a recording of her with the controversial commissioner was leaked.

The great paradox of the corruption case we call Kitchen is that It is a consequence of the PP’s attempt to cover up another case, that of the Gürtel.

It won’t be this week but it will be this summer: the imminent government crisis, the expression that politicians and journalists use when the president changes his ministers mid-term, has the current holders of the portfolios on their nerves. Before the final decision of Pedro Sánchez some things have to happen which Esther Palomera explains.

Summer with shocks

We have only a week of summer and there are already worrying cases outbreaks related to mobility and partying. Fewer masks, fewer hospitalizations, fewer deaths and fewer ICU patients lead us to a relaxation that, however, yes it can get complicated, as in the case of young people infected in Mallorca, a ‘macro outbreak’ that has already accumulated more than 600 infected (more than 300 in Madrid) and more than 3,000 people in quarantine, with eight autonomous communities affected. The rapid advance of the vaccine makes us maintain the faith that there will be shocks, but not rebounds. We will see.

In light of this news, it is not uncommon for many people to be wise to that of abandoning the mask. We have lived the first weekend without the obligation to take it outdoors.

  • Nursery schools. The pandemic closed nursery schools before the summer of 2020 and by September many families did not dare to take their babies to the reopened centers. First strike. The second blow was already preparing: the pandemic has led to a sharp decline in the birth rate, which will leave many 1-year-old children without nursery schools and nurseries for the next year. The situation is ending them, often small, precarious projects without public support: have closed one out of every five centers.

Colors of the past

“The problem with black and white photographs is that it is synonymous with the past and romanticizes the events. If we think of the Civil War or the atrocities of the Second World War, we imagine them in black and white and that gives the feeling that it is something old and that it cannot be repeated ”. They are very interesting reflections from one of the experts who work with different research techniques to color the past and make it more present. That’s what this report talks about.

This is Clara Campoamor, in a black and white photo that has been colored:

Do not pass

  • Goya, Esperanza and the builder. You have to read this report by Peio H. Riaño on the crossed interests between Esperanza Aguirre, who sold a Goya painting to the constructor Villar Mir for five million euros, and her company OHL, which had all the facilities to build a luxury project in the center of Madrid.
  • Abstention reabsorbs disenchantment. In France, the social democracy and the traditional right have clearly won the regional elections to the far-right party of Marine Le Pen. This news must be crossed with another piece of information to think about: there has been a record of abstention, with 66% of the census that has not gone to vote.
  • C1. What is there on the F1 street circuit where Francisco Camps spent € 89 million? Shacks.


Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know This is what a submarine fiber optic cable looks like. It never ceases to fascinate me that the world’s oceans are crossed by cables, like those at home but thicker, that carry the connection to the network for tens of thousands of kilometers. Large companies are the ones that dominate this means of data transport in a not very regulated world that comes with demands.
  • Did not know the story of the Rosenbergs, an American married couple who were executed in 1953 in the electric chair, accused of espionage. Julius and Ethel, who were members of the North American communist youths, were singled out by a relative arrested for passing secrets about the development of nuclear bombs to the Soviets. They were the only civilians executed for espionage during the Cold War. Now her children are trying to get to the bottom of the story.
  • He did not know than michael jackson was hired to compose the music from the video game of my childhood, Sonic, for its third installment. The blue hedgehog turns 30 this week. In the middle of the process, the public accusations of child abuse against the singer were aggravated. Sega did a weird thing: they disassociated themselves from Jackson, but left some of the music in the game, without it appearing in the credits, and the fans they have dedicated themselves to trying to ‘identify’ him in that rudimentary sound.

So far for today. We have already put the rainbow flag in the logo on our front page and social networks. How nice it is.

More tomorrow.

A hug,