Monday, May 16

What a surprise

It has been “imminent” for three months but now, finally: we have agreed to reform pensions. If it is not twisted, it comes into force in 2022. It is also not uncommon for the fringes to have been slow to close because it is the first pension agreement that a government manages to close with unions and employers in a decade. This system repeals the one that Rajoy established without social consensus in 2013. The keys to this first phase of reforms: the CPI is once again the fundamental reference to revalue pensions and incentives are promoted against early retirement. The details, here.

How much is discussed about them, how little they are heard.

Today the “Law for the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people is approved.” After an almost schismatic debate between PSOE and United We Can on the details of the norm, gender self-determination is recognized as the Ministry of Equality wanted: people will be able to change their legal sex without presenting medical or psychological reports.

They have seen each other several times in recent weeks but today is more formal. Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonès meet today in Moncloa. The president wants to continue highlighting the image of reconciliation and dialogue, the president will want to insist again that the independence movement is not satisfied with the pardons and goes to Madrid with specific topics to discuss: referendum, amnesty, money.

The independence retreat from some top positions also has to do with what the polls tell them: the pandemic has ended the monothem.



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