Sunday, July 3

What a surprise

To the amazement of the right wing and its headlines, the pardoned political prisoners did not get out of jail cheering the king and Spain. The pro-independence leaders, after having spent almost four years in prison, surprise, they are still pro-independence. “There is no pardon that makes us shut up, they have not silenced us and we will never shut up”, They have said more or less all using various ways of saying the same thing. Neither the pardon nor the law prohibits them from being independentists or forces them to be silent, no matter how outrageous on the right, so for now everything according to the planned script.

The other plot of the script, that of dialogue, also advances: President Pere Aragonès and Pedro Sánchez they will stay on tuesday. Of course, now Pedro Sánchez is going to let the atmosphere breathe a little about Catalonia and prioritize the social agenda.

Meanwhile, the PP has declared war on businessmen for giving his approval to pardons. Married calls them subsidized and Ayuso wants Catalan businessmen pay the process. The president of the CEOE has burst into tears, you can see it in this video, upon receiving the ovation of its General Assembly after a week receiving harsh personal criticism for saying that if pardons serve to “normalize things, then welcome.”

  • And Puigdemont? What will happen to him? The pardons do not affect Puigdemont or the other four independence leaders who remain in Belgium and Switzerland, on whom many unknowns remain.


Wallet, keys, mobile … mask

The Government warns that as of Saturday you will always have to wear a mask on top, even if it is not wearing and even if it has only gone out for a walk in the open air. So don’t lose the habit of feeling your pockets to make sure you have everything: wallet, keys, mobile, mask. The measure seeks to ensure that people have protection at hand when they get into an interior place, on public transport or on a street with so many people that they cannot keep safe distances, where wearing it will be mandatory.

Here you have a guide so you know where yes and where not you have to put on the mask from Saturday.

  • More than 50% of the Spanish population you already have the first dose and we have broken a new daily record for doses administered. Less is left.


Do not pass

  • The Chairman of Iberdrola Commissioner Villarejo has been charged with his allegedly illegal assignments for spying on politicians and businessmen. Sánchez Galán meets 20 years at the helm of the company.
  • Spanish doctors go home. The new candidate to lead the British public health system promises that will dispense with foreign toilets who work there, including many Spaniards. The UK has 170,000 foreign-born nurses and doctors.
  • Police torture in Euskadi. A report from the Basque Parliament includes 35 brutal testimonials that draw a pattern of torture that survived the Transition with the collusion of judges and police.


Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know who was Typhoid Mary, the first known asymptomatic patient, identified during typhoid fever of 1907 in New York. Her name was actually Mary Mallon, an Irish immigrant who worked as a cook in various houses, transmitting the bacteria for years without showing any symptoms. She had to live a life of scorn and quarantine when it was discovered that she was the origin of the mysterious outbreak that puzzled wealthy families, authorities and doctors. The complete history.
  • He did not know what is graphene airgel, a promising material for the future that in El Confidencial they define as “The incredible ultralight foam that absorbs the noise of aircraft engines.” It is a very thin material, “like a meringue”, say the research scientists so that we understand the rest of the mortals. Airplanes do not use conventional insulators because they are usually heavy and that triggers fuel use and limits cargo capacity.
  • Did not know the story of why the largest river in the world is called the Amazon. The Amazon was formerly known as the Marañón River, but it is believed that it changed its name in the 16th century after an expedition by the Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana, who was attacked by a local tribe led by warrior women. It reminded Orellana of the Greek myth of the Amazons and that is how it stayed. Other researchers say that the name actually comes from the indigenous word “amassona”, something like “ship destroyers.” I have read it here.

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