Friday, September 30

What are stock tracking apps and how do they help you find scarce items like the PlayStation 5

Every Christmas there are products with little stock that are difficult to find, but this year the shortage of supplies, and especially of semiconductors, is making getting certain highly sought-after gifts a real odyssey. A good example of this are the multiple problems that many users are having to get hold of the jewel in the crown of these holidays: the PlayStation 5.

Some difficulties that can alleviate, at least in part, stock tracking applications, tools that they monitor a huge number of online stores -up to 33, as Xataka has verified- to detect in real time when there is stock again of the product in which we are interested and alerts us in various ways: mobile notification, with or without sound, pop-up window in the browser or email.

These applications have become tremendously popular in the United States, where we can find several options, but in Spain they are not yet widespread. Although in our country there are few alternatives, those interested in tracking the stock of scarce products can resort to HotStock, which operates in the United Kingdom and It has many stores in its catalog that make international shipments. Yes, I know it is not ideal, but it is not a bad choice if you desperately want an item that is impossible to find by conventional means.

HotStock has a wide variety of products to monitor, including, for example, the PS5. If we go in in the page of the popular console, we observe that it shows real-time information of the Stock from stores such as Amazon -in its stores in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and Germany-, the Sony store, Stockx, Hamleys, eBay or Currys, among other. All those mentioned with shipments to Spain.

To receive alerts from HotStock, simply register on its website or in the app, search for the product we want to be alerted to when it is available again in any of the stores and sign up for the alert. By doing so, they will give us several options for receiving the notices.

Another interesting stock tracker is Nowinstock, although more for the United States than for Europe. This tool It has a Spanish version, unlike HotStock, but with very little variety of stores compared to the American one. Taking the PlayStation 5 as a reference again, we find that it only monitors Amazon and eBay, while in the US it has stores such as GameStop, Walmart or Verizon, in addition to Amazon and eBay. The alerts from this website arrive by SMS, email, Telegram and browser notifications.

In Spain we also find Camelcamelcamel, a website that has an important handicap: only monitor Amazon products.

Other options

If asking a foreign store does not convince us and we want to have more options than those offered by Nowinstock and Camelcamelcamel, we can choose to continue Twitter accounts or Telegram channels that alert of the availability of the products that interest us. The only downside to this system is that you will only be able to follow a very limited series of articles and generally quite popular.

Thus, for example, we find Twitter accounts Y Telegram channels to follow the stock of the PlayStation 5 and Telegram channels for Xbox Series X, but not for other types of products, such as certain models of laptops or household appliances that are also in short supply.

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Another option is activate the alerts of the products that interest us in each electronic commerce. This possibility has existed for some time in stores such as Amazon or PCComponentes and, although they cover much fewer alternatives than the previous ones, it can also be useful.

Finally, you can resort to the Recurring manual search in price comparators What Kelkoo, Idealo, Twenga The Google Shopping. These websites do not allow you to create alerts when the products are available again, but they do give the possibility of checking which stores have them in stock at the same time that we do the search.

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