Monday, August 15

What are the 5 neighborhoods most sought after by developers

On the other hand, they resort to land that minimizes investment risks; those of a smaller scale and preferably whose form of payment is through the exchange. Today 80% of the land purchase and sale operations in the City of Buenos Aires are through exchange.

There are 2 redemption options:

1- Exchange for brand new units already finished that ensures the seller of the land to take possession of apartments in other undertakings at the same time as the sale of your house.

2- Exchange for units in a well on the same land, which ensures the seller a higher profit in the apartments to be built.

Top 5

  • Palermo: It is the star of real estate developments. Its strategic location with access to immense parks has made it the preferred destination for porteños and tourists who visit the City. It is a gastronomic, cultural and audiovisual pole.
  • Belgrano: It is one of the most residential and traditional neighborhoods in the City. It is super consolidated. Undeveloped land is scarce and this makes it a highly sought after neighborhood by developers.
  • Villa Urquiza: It is the neighborhood that has grown the most in the last 15 years from a demand with a millennial profile. The arrival of the subway and the creation of the Donado-Holmberg area, made the builders put the focus on the neighborhood.
  • Rocking horse: It leads the ranking of the neighborhoods with the most number of works under construction and this is because there are still land at a lower price than other areas such as Palermo and Belgrano. It has good infrastructure and is surrounded by large parks such as Rivadavia, Centenario and Chacabuco.
  • Villa Crespo: It has a strategic location close to a top neighborhood like Palermo. In recent times, it has benefited from the elevation of the San Martín train tracks that allowed opening streets that were closed to traffic and eliminating numerous barriers and the approval of the new urban code that modified the construction height allowed in some areas of the neighborhood.

Average incidence of the most sought after neighborhoods

  • Palermo: $ 800
  • Belgrano: u$s 750
  • Villa Urquiza: $ 650
  • Horse: u $ s 600
  • Villa Crespo: $ 500