Monday, May 29

What are the global assets that are worth the most in the market?

The world continues to change, now due to the pandemic, even in the markets. The rise of both precious metals used as safe haven has increased the capitalization of Oroand the Silver in the commodity markets, while The arrival of cryptocurrencies has also shaken the capitalization of the main listed assets.

And here volatility comes into play, which changes their positions, in the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum, both between the Top 10 and 20 in the most common, although the latter has dropped to 26th position due to its falls. In the case of companies, changes are less common, despite the fact that we are talking about a ranking, which, like in the market, can vary every day.

But are not the only ones. For example, American banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America or Morgan Stanley lost capitalization among the largest, up to 30,580 million in the case of the first, after the presentation of results. Even Apple after playing at the beginning of the year, on January 3,

But beyond that, these are, in order, the most capitalized assets in the world. The leadership is maintained by gold, with a stabilized price and even falling and come to less even though the uncertainties remain. So your assessment is right now of 11.52 billion in the market, the absolute king.

The most capitalized assets in the world from 1 to 10

Then comes the almost American trillion and European trillion branded by Apple, that, after touching the glory, as the first company to exceed 3 billion in market capitalization, The apple company continues to circle that figure, but without consolidating it. Its value, 2,826 billion.

The third in the classification is a Microsoft that has been placed in that place, comfortably above two billion dollars, after the increase, the second among the FAANG of 51% in its price in the last year. The fourth is the Saudi Aramco, that breaks the hegemony, beyond the gold and silver among the Big Tech in these first places of the ranking. The coming to less of the sector has also marketed its value, already below two billion, although favored by the international recovery and the rise in oil prices.

Behind it we find the two A’s, Google, listed as its parent company Alphabet-A, and Amazon, two supergiants. The first coming to more up to 1.85 billion thanks to being the FAANG that has best behaved in the last year, with advances of 65% on Wall Street, while amazon has lost some strength for the same reason, capitalizes 1.64 trillion after barely rising 2.4% in 2021.

Between positions 7 and 10 we find silver, also favored by two aspects: shelter value and increase in the price of raw materials on account of the recovery and the bottlenecks that occur: too much demand with a certain supply. Its market value exceeds one billion to 1.29 billion. Also another company, Tesla always controversial, which slightly exceeds, and is the last value that does the billion mark: capitalizes 1.05 billion dollars, for the company that the man founded, let’s not forget, richest in the world, we are talking about Elon Musk.

The most capitalized assets in the world from 10 to 20

Meta (Facebook) formerly known as Facebook, It also sneaks into that Top 10 with 923,260 million in its market value while Bitcoin, close that ranking, very come to less after their falls in recent times. Capitalize on the market, cAs the largest cryptocurrency in the world 789,880 million.

Then we find the Taiwanese TSMC, and NVIDIA while the real power and growth is confirmed, with these two companies in the top positions of the ranking, of semiconductors, the great masters of the new world in the universe in which chips are already essential. for all. In the middle it slips With a capitalization of 723,390 million, Warren Buffet’s investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway

While we come to the more traditional companies, from Visa to JPMorgan Chase, the financial companies in which a pharmaceutical company also stands out, a sector that has gained whole after the pandemic, we are talking about Unitedhealth Gro, with Samsung and the power of mobile phones, to which is added a novelty An ETF with an exponential market value: 464. 510 million dollars, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, an index fund that tracks the most followed indicator in the world, the S&P 500.

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