Monday, December 6

What are the most sought after premium used cars by Argentines?

  • In the category of entry-level SUVs, the podium is made up of the Nissan Kicks, la Chevrolet Tracker y el Jeep Renegade, all models from 2020 and some from 2021. “As you can see,” explains Rubén Jara Ibaceta, CEO of Fan, they are pre-owned, with very few products and due to their size and performance they are the most sought after. “

Renegade, the smallest Jeep

  • Then the same category, but of the larger SUVs there is the Toyota SW4, the BMW X1 and the VW Tiguan. “They are sought after because they are reliable, high-performance, comfortable and low-maintenance. Here yes the searches are in models from 2010 with few kilometers ”, adds Jara Ibaceta. Also highly sought after in this segment are the Ford Kuga and the Dodge Journey.

toyota sw4

Toyota Argentina

  • Among the 4-door sedans, they are the Renault Logan, Fiat Cronos y Volkswagen Virtus since 2017 the three most sought after of the entry-level range, while the VW Vento, Toyota Corolla and Chevrolet Cruze four-door cars are the three that generate the most interest in the mid-range, mid-range and high-end segment.

Fiat Cronos.jpg

“What has also been seen – says the co-founder of Fan – is that the search for utilities has increased. We see this associated with the explosion in electronic commerce that has allowed many people to have extra income by distributing packages, as well as it has been happening with Uber and Cabify in the transport of people ”. Among the most sought after utility vehicles are the Renault Partner and Kangoo, followed by the Citröen Berlingo and the Fiat Fiorino.

The Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, VW Amarok and Dodge Ram are the four most wanted pickups. “This segment is also moving well, but it is true that our country is a great producer of pickups, so there is perhaps more availability of new ones.”

For the remainder of the year, for Rubén Jara Ibaceta the sale of used cars will continue at a good pace and the year is expected to end between 20% and 25% above what was 2020. “Expectations are set on what will happen next year, especially with regard to imports and access to dollars, which is ultimately what allows the production of zero kilometers cars to increase or not and the import of units, especially from Brazil. Beyond that, we consider that premium used will continue to be an option for three reasons: the time to get hold of the unit is immediate, nothing to do with buying a used one; because the used one can be delivered as part of payment and, in our case, because we offer financing to our clients ”.

It is very clear that the demand for premium used cars has been increasing month by month, since many people want to change their car for the same model, or a higher one, but zero kilometer, and they do not find it on the market or do not know when they could get it. deliver or how much it will cost. This makes them prefer to look for a used car of a better brand or a larger range, deliver theirs as part of payment, pay the difference and secure the transaction. What you gain is a premium used car and making a leap either in the brand or in the range.