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What are the reviews of Horizon Forbidden West saying? | Digital Trends Spanish

The videogame Horizon Forbidden West It will be released on PS5 and PS4 on Friday, February 18, however, the first reviews and gameplays began to be published this Monday.

At the closing of the edition of this note, Horizon Forbidden West has a Metacritic of 89. So far, the game with the best Metacritic on PS5 is Hadesa cross-platform title that can be played on Xbox consoles, PC and even Nintendo Switch.

Regarding the exclusive titles of the PS5, the one with the best Metacritic is Demon’s Soulswith a score of 92.

Regarding the reviews Horizon Forbidden Westthe one that gives you the highest score (100) comes from the portal GamingBoltwhich highlights its “engaging story, gorgeous open world, and exciting combat.”

On the other hand, the lowest score (60) is given by the middle gamer.nowhich notes that “while the world and its many new machines are impressive, the experience is bogged down with confusing design choices and pointless variations, making Aloy’s new adventure unforgettable.”

Along with the reviews, some media such as Digital Foundry have published technical analyzes of the game, in which they highlight that Horizon Forbidden West looks like the one with the best graphics on the PS5.

In addition to being an indication of their quality, exclusive video game reviews have become relevant due to the “war” between fans of one console or another. In particular, PlayStation and Xbox fans are the protagonists of two debates on social networks. Xbox lovers say that the press that reviews video games has favoritism for PlayStation, especially when reviewing exclusive titles from Sony Interactive Studios, such as Horizon Forbidden West or The Last of Us Part II.

However, both on PlayStation and Xbox the best-selling games are multiplatform, such as series Call of Duty or FIFA.

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