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What are the secret NFTs that Tarantino will release from Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino has announced the release of a collection of 7 secret NFTs from his film Pulp Fiction. Each NFT will be made up of unpublished scenes, which include a script and audio from the aforementioned film. Secret NFTs are a new class of enhanced non-fungible tokens, with privacy and access control features to create hidden content and experiences. This new typology of NFT offers artists and creatives a new means of creating and distributing digital content.

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What are Tarantino Secret NFTs

Secret NFTs work through private smart contracts. A type of smart contract that preserves privacy on a public blockchain. Its design is similar to that of a normal smart contract, except that private smart contracts work with encrypted data (inputs, outputs and encrypted states), guaranteeing total privacy thanks to a decentralized network of validators that execute the contracts within execution environments. of trust (TEEs). An environment where code executed and data accessed are physically isolated and confidentially protected. The goal is that no one can access the data, change the code or its behavior.

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Tarantino y Pulp Fiction

Tarantino announced the launch of this collection at NFT NYC. An event held a few years ago in New York, which had the presence of important personalities in the short history of the NFTs. Like Alex Atallah (co-founder of OpenSea), Alexis Oharian (co-founder of Reddit), Beeple (the most expensive NFT artist in history) and more than 500 speakers who for 4 days spoke about the NFT ecosystem and Blockchain. There were parties, galleries, raves and even a yacht party.

It was at this event that Tarantino, microphone in hand, explained the ins and outs of the Pulp Fiction movie. Above all, how he created a series of content that he did not show in the movie and that no one has seen in 25 years. The images are in a file that has never been opened. As advertised in the Web page of the project, 7 NFTs of the film will be put on sale that will include “secret” content, which can only be seen by the owner of the NFT and it will be up to him to decide if he wants to share it with the world or not.

For sale on OpenSea

The NFTs will go on sale on OpenSea, the largest trading platform for this type of asset. All the information in this regard is collected on the official Tarantino website and it is now possible to leave the email on the waiting list.

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The development of the initiative is led by the company SCRT Labs. A company that seeks to accelerate the adoption of decentralized technologies, but in a more “private” way. That is, without the data being so exposed. SCRT Labs is one of the main collaborators of Secret Network, the first Blockchain with private Smart Contracts.

Blockchain and cinema

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing many sectors and one of them is the cinema, where it already offers multiple advantages. One of them is movie financing. In Spain, the pioneer has been Bull Run, a film directed by Ana Ramón Rubio, which obtained in just 24 hours the 320,000 euros necessary for its realization. Its premiere is scheduled for spring-summer 2022.

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Blockchain technology also allows us to go one step further with regard to the protection of intellectual property, being able to leave a fully certified and invariable record. It also enables collaborations through DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), which work with smart contracts. DAOs can certify said collaborations and that they are stored in a Blockchain.

Fox Entertainment, one of the big movie companies, is already experimenting with NFTs. He has created a background with his animation studio Bento Box Entertainment.

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