Monday, December 6

What Ayuso said when Sánchez went to ‘El Hormiguero’: “They fill the public with members of the PSOE and everyone to applaud”

In September 2014, the general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, went to have fun with Pablo Motos at ‘El Hormiguero’, where he was greeted with great applause. A visit that, seven years later, seems to have served as inspiration for the current president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who this Tuesday was chanted on the same set shouting ‘president, president’.

At that time Ayuso was practically unknown to the majority of citizens, despite already being a deputy in the Madrid Assembly. He carried out communication tasks in the parliamentary group and in the social networks of the PP in Madrid that Esperanza Aguirre presided over at the time. It was a time when his comments on his Twitter account went unnoticed but, once in the presidency of the Community, they have become a newspaper library that goes viral from time to time.

This is what happened after his visit to ‘El Hormiguero’, which already during the broadcast of the program on Wednesday night aroused criticism and praise on Twitter. While some described the interview as a facelift and criticized the excessive complicity of the presenter Pablo Motos with the Madrid president, others spoke of Ayuso’s spontaneity and sincerity in an interview that was followed by more than 3.5 million viewers and which gave the show its maximum audience share of the season and the fifth best screen share (23.2%) in its history.

This Tuesday, the user of the social network Álvaro in Deferred rescued a conversation from 2014, in which the ‘popular’ praised an alleged strategy of the PSOE regarding Sánchez’s participation in this program. “The socialists are great. They fill the audience of El Hormiguero with members of the PSM and everyone to applaud and kiss the boss at break,” he wrote about Sánchez’s visit. At that time, he began an exchange of messages with another user that have come to light again on the social network. They are very good. They are leaving the palms with each answer, added Ayuso.

“When the program ends, no one will remember anything he said, but the image of” nice guy “will have penetrated. They’re smart,” this user told him. “Amen”, answered Ayuso, who yesterday answered questions related to the blackout, Pedro Sánchez, the death of more than 8,000 elderly people in Madrid residences without being referred to hospitals by order of his Ministry of Health and, of course, about the internal war with Genoa and the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado.

Ayuso liked the interview, who after the visit thanked Pablo Motos and the program for the treatment he received. “You are already on my list of good things about being president of the Community of Madrid,” she later said on Twitter.

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