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Finally, fans of Better Call Saul prepare to watch the final season of the hit AMC series. It has not been a quiet period, since the production had to be delayed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic and the heart attack suffered by its protagonist Bob Odenkirk in the middle of the recording set.

The sixth season will arrive this Monday, April 18 in the United States through AMC; to Latin America, a day later, on April 19, when it becomes available on Netflix in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

It has been two years of waiting, so the expectations of lovers of this fiction remain high, especially after witnessing the official trailer and the statements of its protagonists, which has led viewers to develop elaborate theories and imagine what can be seen in this final season of Better Call Saul.

It’s showtime, folks!

The last episodes of the series should show how his story connects with that of breaking bad. Because of this, it is most likely that this season we will see the two main characters of the historic production: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, respectively.

A few days ago, Vince Gilligan left open the possibility that both were part of the series, as he assured that “it would be a shame if the program ended without Cranston and Paul appearing”. Peter Gould, another of its creators, stated that these two worlds, referring to Better Call Saul Y breaking bad“they intersect in a way that you have never seen before.”

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What happened to Kim?

This is one of the main questions asked by fans of Better Call Saulsince the beloved character played by Rhea Seehorn is not part of the events of breaking bad. The doubt is raised, more so because at the end of the fifth season, the lawyer proposes to Jimmy to give an important blow to harm Howard and keep a millionaire sum.

The evolution that Kim Wexler has had and his approach to the darker side of Saul Woodman is very noticeable, for the same reason, many fear that his character ends in the worst way and is the most affected by this relationship.

Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkirk in "Better Call Saul".

Theories also try to guess who will be the next deceased in the series; bets range from Nacho Varga, his father and Howard Hamlin. Varga’s case is the most expected, especially after Lalo Salamanca discovered that he betrayed him at the end of the last season. His character does not appear in breaking badso it is very likely that he will be killed in the next chapters.

In the case of Howard, a theory that began to circulate on social networks after the last trailer ensures that the lawyer discovers the connection between Saul and the Salamancas and Gustavo Fring, for which he ends up being killed by Mike.

Finally, one of the main questions is what will happen to the “Jimmy of the future”, that version of Saul Woodman that appears in black and white before the start of each episode and is set chronologically after the events of Breakin Bad. The doubt arises, mainly, because a person recognizes the main character and links him to Saul Woodman.

In one of the last scenes, Jimmy talks to the man who gave him a new identity and assures him that he will take care of the situation himself. Does this mean that the protagonist of this story returns to the path of “bad deeds”?

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