Monday, August 8

What changed today in Axie Infinity? 3 novelties in the game that allow you to win SLP tokens

Key facts:
  • The “challenges” return and some think of a new business opportunity with this modality.

  • A change in Axie Infinity seeks to reduce the issuance of the SLP token.

Axie Infinity, the platform play-to-earn that grants SLP tokens for playing and that allows stakeholder AXS, announced the entry into force of 3 new features that are activated with patch 1.1.1, released minutes ago.

As the first announcement they mention that the axies (that is, the monsters that star in this video game) They return to level 1 each time they change ownership. It is worth clarifying that – although they reiterate it in today’s announcement – this had already been activated at the time of launching version 1.1.0 on October 15.

On the other hand, the remaining three novelties were only activated today, October 29. The first one is that the challenges are again available. “Now you can challenge a coach from your friends list to a friendly duel”, informs Axie Infinity.

The challenges, who joined the game for the first time in december 2018 (and that were later withdrawn) are games whose result does not influence the classification of the player or his axies.

Days ago, after the news was known that the challenges, there were those who began to speculate with an unofficial business possibility around this modality: the organization of private tournaments. «It is known that there are a few poker players [jugadores de póker] with mounted academies, so maybe something fun can come out, “he wrote last Friday in Twitter the user @hoozh_, who describes himself as a professional poker player.

The second novelty reported by Axie is that accounts with a score less than 800 MMR, will not receive more SLP by the “adventure”, “arena” or “daily mission” modes. The Axie Infinity tutorial prepared by CriptoNoticias describes that the “adventure” mode consists of playing against the computer; “arena” mode is when you play between people “; and the “daily mission” consists of completing 10 levels in “adventure” mode and beating other players 5 times in “arena” mode.

Anyone who is not familiar with the Axie ecosystem, or newbie players, are probably wondering what MMR is and what needs to be done to exceed 800. In short, MMR stands for “matchmaking rating”. It’s a player level indicator and increases or decreases according to the victories or defeats you have.

With this implementation, starting today, how good a player you are at Axie Infinity is a deciding factor in whether you can earn tokens with this game.

Finally, the third change that was activated today in Axie Infinity is that game history will not be saved on company servers. As a consequence, among other things, there will be no possibility of repeating the games in adventure mode. The game developer company clarifies that this will be “for now.” “We will recover this function once we have the opportunity to optimize it,” they clarify.

AXS and SLP: Axie Infinity token price shows market sentiment

The announced news, according to what can be read on social networks and channels of the player community, seem to have been – in general – a good reception.

The market also “speaks” with the valuation it gives to the game tokens. The AXS token, which will serve for governance (and can currently be used to make staking) reached an all-time high in early October, reaching USD 155. It currently stands at a price close to USD 141 at the time of writing.

The AXS token is close to its all-time high which was USD 155. Source: CoinMarketCap.

Investors could be interpreted as optimistic about the future development of Axie Infinity, so they buy and stakean this token that still has no greater utility, because the governance is not yet activated.

On the other hand, there is the SLP token. The novelties that were activated today should reduce their emission level. In terms of price, this is important since the token has an infinite maximum circulating and therefore is inflationary. By the law of supply and demand, if money in circulation manages to reduce (or at least slow down its emission rate), and SLP purchases increase, the price could rise.

The new measures still do not allow appreciating significant positive changes in the price of SLP. Source: CoinMarketCap

However, the market seems to see no potential in SLP as an investment. its price It is $ 0.06 at the time of writing. A far cry from the all-time high of $ 0.41 reached 6 months ago.

CriptoNoticias reported in September the possible causes of SLP’s price drop. The massive emission due to the arrival of new players to the ecosystem stood out as the most probable hypothesis. Perhaps, the new measures, in the long term, will cause a change that benefits SLP and its holders.