Friday, December 3

What do the markets expect for this Friday, November 26?

In Mexico, the data on the trade balance as of October stand out; US markets will remain closed.


At 6:00 am the INEGI will publish the data of the trade balance of merchandise corresponding to October; analysts of Bloomberg they estimate a trade deficit of $ 1.96 billion, which would be an 18 percent drop from September.

At the same time, figures of the Global Indices of Personnel and Remuneration of the Economic Sectors (IGPERSE) in September.


In Europe, attention will be paid to the appearance of Christine Lagarde, president of Banco Central Europeo (ECB) e Isabel Schnabel, member of the executive committee of the same entity.

Around 7:00 p.m., the Chinese government will publish the results of the Industrial benefit corresponding to October.

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